Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]


The ak-12 virgin vs the basic AKM vs the chad Ak-47 vs the lad AK-103


Include Insurgency Source and Sandstorm in there, they sound amazing


Name a revolver. Any revolver, and already it would outclass the Obrez. Even the MP412 outclasses the Obrez.

Obrez is one of few, if any guns that are truly shit no matter the distance. Up close, and it gets outdone by other 1-hit kill weaponry, and other secondaries like the Executioner. At mid range, it gets outdone by longer range pistols like the M1911 and Five Seven, as well as assault rifles, which fire much faster. At long range, spread means it’s damn near impossible to hit the head at a distance, and is therefore outdone by sniper rifles, and even some aforementioned revolvers. There’s literally no reason to use the Obrez, unless you’re a masochist.
As for me, I’d much rather use the ZiP than the Obrez. At least the ZiP somewhat actually has utility, and rewards skill, unlike the RNG bullshit the Obrez has. The AN-94 has a similar damage profile in bursts to kill compared to the Obrez, especially with AP, save for the head, yet it fires much faster, holds more, and best of all has no bullshit spread.
The 1858 New Army also almost completely outclasses the Obrez. Similarly long raw 2-hit kill range, much faster fire rate and ADS speed, and can fan the hammer, meaning it actually has use in CQB unlike the Obrez.

TL;DR: Obrez is trash; revolvers near completely outclass it; you’re far better off with literally any weapon other than the Obrez.


Trash and trash does not a treasure make.




Judge :stuck_out_tongue:


Change the MP412 rank


Miles better than the Obrez in CQB.

Try again.


Think about it, the revolvers are better by default at cqb since most of them can be doubled tapped for a kill but in the case if the 1858, if I recall correctly can one shot to the torso and has the fan fire.
Hell, even the sfg-50 is better at CQB and that’s because it one hits in the center mass and can kill the person behind them too,
Ameanwhile the obrez is a bolt-action discount Mosin that has the worst spread for a secondary sniper and requires rng headshots to kill.


Not at range.


you keep trying to take a goddamn sniper an pit it against a alien rifle…

AND you are taking out of sniper territory.

stop trying to bend the argument in your favor and make it fair


The regular snipers and the dmrs straight up shit on and gangbang the obrez at range, since they don’t have awful rng spread


bt mosin is gud



P90 and ECR BT for the win




Don’t knock it til you try it. XD


it’s trying it’s best, leave it alone


God fucking finally.


the le modster gun