Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]




…you actually don’t get it do you?


An-94 isn’t a dmr, or a pdw, so it doesn’t really count as a burst for either.


yeah, no

it’s neither.

the burst PDW is the vector (who the hell actually would use that lmao) @Darkman_Bree


@CasualEgg @knta12

Mate I’m saying AN-94 is a better “pseudo DMR” than any actual DMR ingame. Not that it’s actually a DMR


i still say otherwise.

the fact that is cant do that without AP i just pathetic to me

yeah sure, it has a absurdy high rpm burst

yeah it has 30 rounds.

but again, excluding AP, outside of 120 studs it takes 3 stk minimum with all headshots. and 5 to the torso and limbs

even @Darkman_Bree’s Fal collection can outrange it. even the para shorty takes 1 less bullet to the torso to kill.

i cant wait to see if stylis ever fixes burst and ruins that crapfest of a rifle


I ment a PDW that’s stuck on Burst, without Auto, like the CTE’s MP5A4 was, or the PPK12.



That’s where the burst comes in, which makes it a 2-burst to the head, and a 3-burst to the body, which is still high-end DMR damage. With AP is what makes it go from good to amazing, with a 2-burst kill to the torso at any distance. The SCAR SSR is the only DMR so far capable of that sort of damage at a distance in hits to kill, and even then it’s painfully slow.

The Para Shorty also doesn’t have a hyperburst function. AN-94 does. Try again.


shut you main Obrez you’re in no position to say which gun is good or bad


Ur bad



but atleast i can use a decent gun




I main the an-94 75% of the time and I have no problems at long range ,without AP,plus it’s not that hard to land a spam burst if the instant burst doesn’t kill


it’s the honey badger ,isn’t it?


AWS lmao


nah mate

AK-47 for life


Obrez gud.


Heh, the ak-47 has some “recoil rotation “ issues


Obrez trash.


not when you listen to hardbass