Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]


I have messed with their speed now!


While the new Thompson sound is nice, I’ll miss the CoR 5 nostalgic sound.


I hated that sound.


Even more than the AN-94?


I used the Tommy Gun alot.


What are your thoughts on the new WA-2000?


Too many test place snipers


I wasn’t much interested in the WA2000 until I played it in combat where I realized this thing is super accurate and the recoil recovery is fast enough to match the fire rate, so you can keep spamming mouse 1.

This might be my new main sniper rifle.


They better also buff the svu too because it’s getting buried under the new snipers






yes please gimme a new update im more than ready to grind out attachments on some GOOD weapons


the slowed down tommy gun reminds me of AA flak


They will Never attempt to buff it. That’s how forgotten and buried that thing is,#LongLiveTheSSR


These gun sounds could use a lot more low end


Tbh, the gun sounds in this game are really, really plain and weak, they should give the weapons new sounds by a VST plugin that can make gun sounds.


cough AN-94 cough

check out my meme


I’m fine with the way they sound, there just needs to be more of a boom in the sound. They need to sound like actual gunshots that actually echo for miles. A really good example of a game that does its gun sound design right is Day of Infamy. The guns are loud, they boom, they pop, and they sound badass (Especially the FG42 and M1 Garand). The grenades are loud, and artillery is painfully loud, just like the real thing


are you ok?

the An-94 is an assault rifle…