Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]


They have to go off eventually for the teleporter.


Though hard to find the reapers because of the black fog.


But then again mirage is the easiest to camp in infection gamemode







Refinery is also a good map to camp for Infection, you just stand in those crates before the teleporter spawns in near you


Bro imagine camping in Infection


A heads up:

Victory case/key rewards are back in the main game, it was a bug apparently, I talked with Raspy about it.


yo, so after sweating and crying a lot, I finally got the REAPER BRO


Really? How did it take so long?
It actually only costed me 5 minutes on the first day of the update.


All I did was go onto a dead server and wait for infection


It’s not even that hard xd


no it was because I was grounded, and just yesterday I got it back, I didn’t take any of the advice given, so I had a hard time because I used the worst weapons, such as snipers, but I failed a lot, died a lot, and just yesterday, I got it, and I am happy.

but now my computer is gone again.