Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]


We gotta pray if it might be on the main game.


It works perfectly and it’s cool, so I don’t see why not.


What the actual FUCK


I actually like this idea, should’ve implemented this sooner.


There is no problem with this, the hell is your problem when it comes to new good features?


It’s about time we had keybinds :slight_smile:


how tf you do Animated skins


They’re available for customizable skins only, there are three parameters: animationspeedu and animationspeedv, and one to toggle the animation. It’s rather simple, and can only move in the direction of which the skin is facing, but it yields some pretty nice results.


uh yeah it aint popping up

must’ve been removed h


aw rip
you’re looking under “Edit Texture”, right?


it’s because they’re preparing for the next update, and removed irrelevant parts.



well it was an experience while it lasted



The G36C is not a PDW.

GAH. The FAL Shorty was bad enough. But now if we put the G36C in PDWs, we’d need to move the SCAR-PDW, SR-3M, etc. into PDWs.

Don’t do it. For the sake of realism, don’t do it.


Still have yet to explain how the SL8 beats anything.


Main game update:

The halloween update is here!

  • Added the SL-8 (Rank 34)
  • Added the G36K (Rank 6)
  • Added the Hunting Knife (Case unlock)
  • Added the Jason (Rank 119)
  • Added the Cricket Bat (Rank 109)
  • Added Infection Mode.
  • Added the keybinds.
  • Added the weapon and attachment recolors.

They did not add the animated skin options yet, and also, where is the Reaper melee? Is it only made for Infection? or is it another Crane reward? Where it is a temporary event to unlock it?

However though, reading the Update Log, it says that you have to survive an Infection round for a special reward…? hmm…?


Those weapons do have really short barrels tho, which can classify em as PDWs. Besides, we have more important matters to handle…

Splitting PDW class into SMGs and PDWs


I signed a Tier 5 Tech Case to be a SL-8 skin, Got the new case unlock Hunting Knife instead.
Yay I guess? :wink:


my reaction:



i cant play PF :frowning:

but i’ll get my hands on them, so * shrug*


Alright, I got the Reaper, here is how to unlock it:

  1. Play Infection gamemode.
  2. Carry a gun that reloads fast, has decent damage and/or decent ammo (MP5/10, Tommy Gun, MG3KWS, MG36,…)
  3. Get a good spot where you are hard to get AND close to where a flare would be in Flare Domination.
  4. Be one of the 5 last survivors or survive until 1 minute round time is left, The warpers will then spawn on all 3 Flare locations (A, B and C in Flare Domination)
  5. Make sure you do not get killed while you stand in the warper for 5 seconds.
  6. If you are brought back to the menu and it says you escaped, You win.
  7. Wait until the round ends, you’ll unlock the “Reaper”
  8. Profit!