Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]


Also why is x no longer binded to diving
I’m confused.



That’s one weird looking melee.


What do you mean? I do not notice a change?


m60 recoil is actually really controllable with the right setup
flash hider
vertical grip


mirage changes

Pros: the map is smaller! (see pic 1)
Cons: the new hill is VERY easy to camp as their are menay obsticales to hide behind


Bet its gonna be another legendary melee.


We haven’t had a new Case Melee for a long while.
I have my credits ready.


Don’t we have the scythe?


Thank God


The Scythe is in the test place now.


rank 0
oh man
oh yA


I’m still bugged by the fact that the Colt SMG 635 actually has the design of the 633. The 635 looks more like a normal M4.


Small test place update:

The Scythe is now a case unlock melee.


that’s pretty nice


My cases are ready.


Remember the Mateba and Redhawk didn’t have reload sounds?

They applied new reloading sounds to both of them when I went to check out the main game


Oh, that was mentioned in the changelog of the big revolver update.
I was very happy.

(They forgot to mention that the KAC SRR also got new reload sounds though)


Test place update:

  • There seems to be a spooky someone in the UI…
  • Infection Gamemode can now be voted.
  • Scythe is free to use again.



update: new lobby
new map
thing gettin spookie