Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]


probs the recoil rotation


The m9 feels stronger…


C7A2: I’m back again at war
M4A1: Oh shid C7A2 is back
M4: Well we got situation lads


Oh boy, here comes the Alpha players having a party.


This is the magic elixir that will revive @Nickcostley


I don’t remember the community ever asking for that weapon to be added. But then again maybe the devs want to revive all the CTE weapons? I will welcome the C7A2 into the game with open arms in either case.


The weapon was present during Alpha. I guess StyLiS is redoing some of the Alpha-exclusive weapons for PF. From my memories of CTE, it was never there anyways.


Here me out
The m16a4 and m4 are extremely gay and you can literally not tell them arpart from the m16a4 and m4a1 except for the magazine which is extremely lazy
So I propose that we replace rte m16a4 and the m4 whit the c7a2 and c8a2 respectively.


If so I want a Sten.


Remove trg


for what?

the TRG is fine


It’s nothing special. Sure it has that one hit torso shot range but otherwise it’s unremarkable since it’s a carbon copy of the R700 with a slower ads with the PM II


List of CTE weapons and what is happening to them:

  • HK417: Confirmed return.
  • IZH-43: Returned as Stevens DB.
  • APS: Nothing.
  • OICW: Nothing
  • G11K2: Confirmed return + Modelled.
  • G36K: Confirmed return, Modelled and has been in the test place.
  • AK/50: Nothing
  • AR-15/50: Returned as Beowulf ECR.
  • AK-15: Partially returned as AK12BR.
  • KRISS Vector: First added weapon, before the CTE even ended, also before 2.0
  • MP5A4: Partially returned as PPK12, then got scrapped.
  • Colt LMG: Added when CTE closed.
  • L115A3: Added when CTE closed.
  • AWS: Added when CTE closed.
  • MP5KA4: Nothing
  • MP5SD5: Nothing
  • Deagle .50: Confirmed return.
  • Crane: Readded during the Crane Melee event.
  • Fists: Partially returned as the Brass Knuckles.
  • M15 Smoke: Returned to test place, then unknown what happened to it.


if we actually get smokes, i want hardcore PF along with it


is nobody hyped
pls be a better sfg
1hit to torso pls


Still waiting for the proper ak-15


no, ar15


That’s redundant we have the m16a4,m16a3 etc.


As much as I like AR15s, it would be a boring addition, we already getting a civilian style g36.


Yes, add the AR15 to a game already containing several iterations of the AR15