Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]


fucking scat fetishes smh


We need 45.acp ammo as an option


Mini uzi and uzi pro when


So apparently stylis has buffed the health regen

The old health regen takes almost a minute from 10 hp (10 to 100)

The new health regen takes almost 30 seconds from 10 hp (10 to 100)

Here’s more info from stylis discord

Trying something new with health regen
how long it takes to heal to 100 health from different starting healths:

health old new

100 0s 0s
90 10s 16s
80 15s 18s
70 20s 20s
60 25s 22s
50 30s 24s
40 35s 25s
30 40s 26s
20 45s 27s
10 50s 28s
0 55s 30s


That’s a glider. They were used throughout the war usually to transport men and supplies. Because they had no engine of their own, they had to be towed to their destination by another aircraft, but because of the lack of an engine, or propellers, or any means of flying at all outside of… well, gliding, they could carry even more supplies. It was pretty efficient because for the cost of one plane you could get almost double the supplies.

Either that, or I’m entirely mistaken and that’s a jet refueling. Still my statement on gliders in WW2 was accurate.


Hopefully i have enough credits to buy this
leveling up 10 times from 201 is a drag


Also here is the health regen board


I don’t know how I feel about this.


yeah, that was a jet refuling, buy hey, thanks for the history lesson


My friend saw a bt on a KSG and lazer+green lazer with reflex. NOT slugs.



BT and slugs take up the same slot tho.


so it is faster now?


Thats my point. Literally no reason to use bt on a shotgun.


Test place update:

I’m telling you, They are preparing for the update, They have to be.

Content still enabled, Likely to reach the main game soon:

  • Judge (Now ranked at 113)
  • Jury (Now ranked at 114)
  • Executioner (Now ranked at 137)
  • Tommy Gun’s new sounds
  • G36, G36C and MG36 remodels
  • M9 and M93R remodels
  • Hensoldt 3X Sight
  • Rebalances on the MP40, M3A1 and some more guns I forgot.
  • Disable all team spawning.
  • Monthly case unlock stat dump.
  • Sliding revamp

Content disabled for now:

  • Uzi
  • Micro Uzi
  • SL-8
  • G36K
  • WA2000






The M3a1 might actually be worth using now…


Big noob spotted