Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]


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You’re really hellbent on defending the Obrez aren’t you? Even when there are far better options to run as a secondary?


Wait zombies?



i never said it was good, i said it was doing it’s best


If that’s the Obrez “doing it’s best,” then I’d freaking hate to see it doing its worst.

Like I said, I’d literally rather run a ZiP 22 than the Obrez.



it has reasons for it’s handicap, namely the fact that it dosen’t have a barrel, just a spout

it’s litteraly just throwing the bullet, not firing it t this point


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I’d rather use a Saiga with birdshot and VCOG 6x from cross map. than the Obrez.


So by that logic every pistol in the game, and many short-barreled PDWs should also have RNG spread, yet they don’t?


Not really, they still have barrels.

image Here’s a pic with some bullets.
Those are your small smg bullets. Big difference.


oh my fucking-


the obrez fires a large caliber for the barely a muzzle that it has

a 9mm/45ACP is substantially smaller, and require less space to reach a high velocity


And here we’re arguing for a realistic balancing choice that makes an already ass secondary even more ass…

In a game…

With fucking lightsabers…

And superjumping.


i didnt say it had to be rebalanced

i’m saying that it’s glorious in it’s flaws, and it’s perfectly logically balanced


The Obrez is outclassed by fucking everything at literally every range. There is no range in the entire game where you’re not fucked when using the Obrez. Contrast with the revolvers which are very useful up close in terms of damage (special mention to the Executioner, with a 1-hit kill to the torso within 35 studs, and 1858 which can 2-hit to the torso up to 148 studs away), and fire faster, hold more ammo (except Judge and Executioner, but they’re actually phenomenal in their intended ranges, so it’s excused), and if you’re skilled, you can even double-tap enemies in the head at extreme ranges with most revolvers. Contrast with the Obrez where even a carefully aimed shot at even a slightly long range will lead to a miss.
Even if you’re good with headshots, there’s little point to using the Obrez anyway, since the aforementioned revolvers can also one-shot to the head at reasonable distances, and the ZiP 22 is actually serviceable as a headshot machine at every range. Must suck being outclassed by a discount Kolibri.


Then let’s buff the Obrez so that it doesn’t have any spread. I believe it’s a logical buff given that with all its flaws, it has no purpose (other than for fun).


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Tbh I’m more excited about the Micro Uzi.

Also the revolvers, since they’re not in the main game yet. Should be close tho.