Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]


Welcome to the 29th episode of Test Place News!
I am your host! MR Darkman!
And we will tell you our latest news of the Phantom Forces official testing grounds known as the “Test Place”!

Let’s get started shall we!



Shay has received a large donation from an unknown person, A crate full of Robux, REAL ROBUX!!!, A letter stated that this unknown person says that the M9 and G36 remodels we’re fantastic and that this should help improving the gun quality of future weaponry!
But that was not all, there was something else in this box…
There was also a weird looking gun in there, A civilian semi automatic rifle, The letter states that for the large robux donation, he wants his favorite rifle called the “SL-8” officially being used in the Phantom VS Ghosts war, Shay has agreed with this.

Rank: 0 Free to use for now, Have fun!
Category: DMR
Damage: 38-28
Damage falloff range: 88-148 studs
Headshot multiplier: (x1.40) 53.2-39.2
Bodyshot multiplier: (x1.08) 41.04-30.24
Fire rate: 500 RPM Shares the record of fastest non-auto DMR with the SA58 SPR!
Magazine size: 20
Ammo reserve: 120
Bullet type: 5.56x45mm NATO First 5.56x54mm NATO DMR in the game!
Reload time: 2.6 seconds
Empty reload time: 3.4 seconds
Default fire mode: Semi
Fire modes: Semi
Muzzle velocity: 2,800 studs/s
Penetration depth: 1.3 studs
Suppression: 0.6
Equip speed: 12
Aiming speed: 14
Weapon walkspeed: 14.0 studs/s
Aiming walkspeed: 8.4 studs/s
Round in chamber: One

Extra notes about the SL-8:

  • Can use the Hensoldt 3X Sight which is exclusive to the G36 series!

Is the SL-8 balanced in it’s current state?

  • It is overpowered!
  • It is balanced!
  • It is underpowered!

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Do you want it in the game?

  • I would love to have it in the game!
  • Eh, It can be added, I don’t really care.
  • For the love of god, Don’t add this please!

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That’s actually really good Muzzle Velocity. I approve.


holy fuck it looks sick


You should see the M9s

Hoooooly shit


Alright, time to try it out tomorrow


When’s the rest of the guns coming?


I don’t know.

I asked Lito about the Uzi’s though, he said he didn’t even look at them yet. (oof)


Spreadsheet update:

While Lito was discussing in the test place with me and other people, the new weapons gained some rank candidates.

  • M14’s rank candidate moved from Rank 6 to Rank 2.
  • G36K will be Rank 6.
  • Jury will be Rank 115.
  • RPK-74 will be moved from Rank 88 to Rank 87.
  • SL-8 will be Rank 88 OR Rank 98
  • QBU-88 will be Rank 88 OR Rank 98
  • Judge will be Rank 111.
  • Executioner will be Rank 137.
  • Uzi will be Rank 128
  • Micro Uzi will be Rank 86
  • MC51SD will be moved from Rank 86 to Rank 84.
  • WA2000 will be Rank 200
  • G11 will be Rank 211

Other test place changes:

  • FAL PARA Shorty slightly buffed in damage range.
  • M3A1’s max damage increased to 48!


That gun looks badass, definitely gonna test this out right now


So now up close the M3A1 will be a consistent 2-hit kill should one hit the torso?

: D


You fucking serious?


In all fairness, they ARE really rare weapons.

Like, REALLY rare.




and op af
change my mind


Fucking yes MM weapon


Fuck this, finna grind to 200

Do my school work, I mustn’t


Oh boy, time to hunt some minorities with my super rare weapon



Im rank 215 so yay



And these are all in the test place ja?