Username Change


I want to change my roblox and forums username to DerpCubeYT or DerpCube to match my YouTUbe channel. Do u agree?

  • Become DerpCube
  • Stay as TheDeadbush

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I wonder what it does to PF

Does it save your data?

does it change the ingame username?


you’ll keep your data and your ingame username will be changed


But I want to be DerpCube
(and it will preserve continuity across most of my accounts, minecraft, discord, youtube, etc)


thank you for providing me with this info because i was insecure and scared and i want to change my username from Agameslimeboyat0_YT to either CasualEgg or CasualEggYT worth it or nah?


its worth it
(people will see ur IGN and sub to ur channel it happened to me several times)


i know it happened to me as well before i changed the name (CasualEgg now pls sub) and i want to change ti to that


MWAHAHAHA! I have made it 50% now!!! Fight on!


I also want to be DerpCube because TheDeadbush is easier to make fun of