Update the M9 model

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See this beautiful piece of polymer

Now look at the M9
The Five Seven looks like a real world gun while the M9 model looks like some bb gun you can buy at walmart. Don’t get me wrong I love the M9s, there beautiful guns but the one in Phantom Forces needs a update keep the stats but not the model.
Here is the real world gun




Going off of this, there are several other guns that need remodeling.

The Deagle, for example, is pretty plain and lackluster.


The M93R could use a remodel too, especially with the bottom half.


Of special note however, is the G36 series.


Look at these plain models.


The Vintorez too, is looking a bit dated.


The R700 and SVU are long overdue.



The MG3KWS still has tubes for bullets.


There’s a lot more but I can’t be bothered to find them all.


and for the love of god, add rails under then handguard of the MP7:

no one likes the sideways grips


Agreed Noone wants stylis tech tm sideways grips


The deagle is going to be remodeled soon.

It’s confirmed.

I don’t know about the others.


Shay said in a voice-chat on the Stylis Server that an M9 remodel is planned.
But the only question people will have: When will it come?
When it was coming wasn’t even asked, so thus no answer given.


Damn Five-seveN looking like a snack


Bump due to the m9/93r getting new models in tp


tfw it happened

hooooooly shit that model


Now just remodel the M60 and I am happy.