Un-Official Server for this Forum

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Hello, Well I am again apart of a Discord server for this Website. The former “Regulars” are suggested to join us. The Code is https://discord.gg/xVZpbkc or xVZpbkc. That shall be the Existing code. This is Community Made. Mainly by Me and @Nickcostley and everyone else who helped take part in this. Also, when you join Please, Read the rules and Abide by what they say. and Then say your Phantom Forces rank in The Rank-Request. And then Say your Username on this here website. Please join if you may.


no xd


Good bye shit server

You’ll not be remembered


What happened?





Well, shit.
Must’ve been a really heated argument.


Idk what happened, infact, I barely even use discord nowaday.


Mind giving me a longer Tl;DR on pm?


yea…I would want that also, from someone elses point of view


Thanks @hellcat5 For fucking things up on the server, Bringing the shitstorm to that server. Creating a Exodus for all of us. Thanks for fucking ruining it…


Because he could…And he doesn’t give a shit


This is why not everyone should be given complete control over a discord server or anything for that matter.


The port for the server must be configured correctly or else there might be an error in IP conflicting and for more details visit https://babasupport.org/apple/iphone-error-4005/ and learn how to do the setup


Roda rolla da revival