Top 5 guns in PF


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LSW has shorter TTK, M9br kills in one burst, shoots fast and reloads fast. KSG deals more damage is is easier to control.


fucking understatement, first time i saw this gun i though i was getting shot by a full auto sniper hacker


lmfao it’s practically a worse Serbu at this point.


Not really, its the gastest pump shotgun at this point, still very powerful with slug/birdshot. Semis may be faster but have higher recoil.


Remington 870 is far more accurate and can actually kill with 3 pellets.

KS-23M needs no introduction.

IMO it’s the worst.


In no particular order:

  1. AK103 ( The best all rounder with more controllable recoil that the AKM.)
    2.PPSH (fast reload, lots of bullets in a mag, and shrewdest in CQC.)
    3.L115A3 ( Takes not too much skills to play, good speed, range, and decent damage for a sniper.)
  2. RPK74 (Basically a bigger and improved version of the AK74)
  3. SR-3M ( It shreads and destroys everything with the controllable recoil, the speed, and with an ex mag, it is sooo good)


Like… no to any of those except maybe the SR-3M.


Why?? They are all nice


Both those guns have slower firerate


IMO, the best weapons are:


  • AS VAL( a better honey badger)
  • AN 94 ( literally a dmr)
  • AKM ( great all rounder)


  • MAC 10 ( Speed, fast ttk at cqc and low unlock rank)
  • KRISS Vector ( great at cqc to mid range combat, fast ttk, and I like how it looks)


  • Sr-3m ( brilliant all rounder, fast ttk, extremely fun to use, and has the best shooting sound, possibly the best weapon in the game )
  • 1858 carbine ( literally a faster sniper )
  • G36C ( speed, overall a great gun and also very fun to use )


  • MG36 ( decent damage, good fire rate, 100 bullets per mag, and good all rounder)
  • AUG HBAR (It was my main weapon from rank 30 to about 40)
  • MG3KWS (is that how it’s spelt? Anyways, fast ttk, good at long range and cqc, possibly the best weapon in the game)


  • Dragunov SVDS ( I love the sound of it, and its very fun to use, good iron sights, possibly the best sniper)
  • Mosin Nagant ( A fast reliable sniper, possibly the best sniper in the game)
  • Intervention ( Good all rounder that I still use till this day.)
  • AWS (Fast, silent, stealthy sniper. Takes a while to learn bullet drop, but in the end it will be worth it)


  • Scar SSR ( The best dmr, can 1 hit headshot at mid range, but has a terrible shooting sound )
  • AN 94 with ap ( assault rifle that’s literally a dmr)

Battle rifles

  • Ag-3 ( reliable gun with high damage and managable recoil, my favourite BR because I got my highest kill game with this gun in metro)
  • Henry 45-70 ( Cool looking BR with good shooting sound and only BR that can 1 hit headshot at any range)


  • Stevens DB ( Great with most ammo attachments, fun to use but only 2 bullets in the mag )
  • KS-23M ( can 1 hit kill at medium range and is my fav shotgun)


  • M45a1 ( great sound and is a good panic weapon )
  • Deagle ( high damage, high recoil, but still my favourite pistol)
  • Tec 9 ( extremely fast ttk at cqc and good panic weapon)
  • SFG 50 ( it’s nice to have a pocket sniper that can one shot to the torso)


Serbu. Is faster. Also, the KSG is INCREDIBLY inconsistent in 1-hit kills. That would’ve been ok with its old 130 RPM fire rate, but no. They done fucked up the balancing, and made it fire slower than the Serbu as well. Pump shotguns have no fucking point anymore when semi autos can do the job a whole hell of a lot better.


Slugs on pumps are better tho, OHK.


inb4 easy-to-hit torso area is also a 1-hit kill on many shotguns.

If you encounter multiple enemies with a pump shotgun, you’re fucked, plain and simple.


High fire rate =/= better gun.

The TEC 9 fires the fastest out of any gun in the game but it’s not the best machine pistol. Conversely, the KSG fails to capitalize on it’s high fire rate. Its damage in CQC is laughable, and with its accuracy it is completely useless outside of 100 studs, tops.


Slugs on the SPAS can actually pull of 2 shot kills at range, and one hit kills to ththe torso in CQC. Not to mention it one shots with headshots.


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