Top 5 Carbines By PF_Nerd


It’s such a fucking long time in this series I’m sure most of you have forgotten or never knew about this.
But… here I go!

  1. G36C
    This variant of the G36 assault rifle is more compact and lighter than G36, something most carbines hold over assault rifles. To prove my point, the C in G36C represents compact. Moving on to the stats. It is a mainly CQC-centered carbine like most, with a 5-shot kill at range. It has an annoying 4-shot kill up close, with 33. But the main reason why this carbine earns #1 besides being favored by me is the fastass movement speed. iirl it’s near default knife’s movement or just 1 m/s slower. And another main advantage this carbine holds over other carbines is the fast mobility combined with a 5SK at kill unlike most other carbines which have a 6SK kill at range. This carbine can be used similarly as an assault rifle, and when fighting other carbines the main weak spots involve 60-70 studs against a M4 or L22, and 120 studs onward against a SR-3M and AK12-C.
    Here there are two loadouts, one being more leaned to long range than the other.
    A) CQC
    Coyote Sight
    Default/PBS-4 Suppressor
    Vertical Grip
    Hollow Point
    Coyote Sight has a very clear and compact reticle along with quick scope-in time. No barrel is required, as that will simply dampen the damage, but if you must mask your sound PBS-4 is recommended as it leaves the maximum damage untouched(I think.) Vertical Grip improves accuracy, and Hollow Point is a classic on CQC-cented loadouts. Just aim for the toe, no torso.
    B) Longer Range
    Vertical Grip
    Green Laser/Armor Piercing(not recommended)
    M145 provides a clear picture for long range asides from being super satisfactory. No barrel is recommended as the damage would drop to a 6SK. Vertical Grip is the best grip, and Green Laser can help for hipfiring. AP can be used if you carry a CQC-focused secondary and want some wall-piercing, something carbines are not known for.

  1. SR-3M
    This carbine hits like a damn truck. That 900 RPM combined with that 3SK up close and 5SK at range is pretty damn good for a carbine. However, they’re some flaws.
    It only has a magazine of 20+1 rounds, and the recoil is immense with that firerate.
    With that high firerate and small magazine, trigger discipline is necessary to be successful with this badass carbine. Even with an iron finger, it works better in 1v1 and on unsuspecting enemies, thus mitigating the small magazine. If you must fight outnumbered, I recommend a high mag and high damage secondary. Deagle works, and I also recommend Baseball Bat as a melee because of that insane reach.
    Also the lower muzzle velocity may prove a problem at longer range, thus only CQC is recommended, which is the only setup provided.
    A) CQC
    Reflex Sight
    Flash Hider
    Vertical Grip
    Reflex Sight has the lowest magnification in-game, thus reducing camera recoil. And an optical attachment is highly recommended, as those irons obstruct your sight. Flash Hider reduces muzzle flash, but if you’re not comfortable with the recoil a Muzzle Brake or a Compensator will be appropriate. Vertical Grip increases CQC effectiveness via enhancing hipfire accuracy. Laser simply helps with hipfire. Suppressors can work, but AS VAL is a better choice if you want a suppressed weapon.

  1. 1858 Carbine
    Can we all take a moment and respect Hellcat’s weapon?
    Okay, done?
    This weapon resembles a DMR more than a carbine. Also, it’s old as fuck. For Pete’s sake, this thing was made in the fucking 1800’s.
    This thing can 1-shot to the chest within 30 studs, and 1-shot to the head at any range.
    It can be successful in both sniping and CQC.
    It is much like the Henry 45.70 for obvious reasons.
    While it can 1-shot at headshot, landing them at long ranges with a muzzle velocity of 2000 is the problem. This thing is adequately suited for a hit-and run sniper playstyle, with camping not being a viable option even though it can work.
    Here are two setups: DMR and CQC
    A) DMR
    Any sight
    Green Laser
    Really, this is all you need. Any sight works, and green laser helps if you must hipfire.
    B) CQC
    Green Laser
    Again, this is all you need. Green Laser for hipfiring and you’re set.

  1. M4
    This weapon is the fastest-firing in the class, with a RPM of 950. With a 3-round burst, it can 1-shot in CQC, it’s preferred range. However, if you must, it’s accurate enough at long range, you can lay down some fire in their general direction to soften them up or clean up enemies. Going full long range is not recommended. While M4 holds the fastest TTK for carbines, it must be said that the muzzle velocity is not exactly on par with most carbines. In fact, it’s at 2200 which adds another reason why long range is discouraged. The M4 is also very mobile, which aids your CQC campaign. It also has a fast reload with 1.7 and 2.2 seconds for tactical reload and empty reload, respectively. The low recoil encourages CQC even more, with a 1-burst kill. While M4 has a 6-shot kill, in 2 bursts, you can kill enemies at long range. However, whatever stats tell you, experience will eventually you you hit at most 2 bullets out of that burst. The burst function is rather hard to play at first, and new players will often look for easier carbines to use.
    A) CQC
    Reflex Sight
    Vertical Grip
    Reflex Sight has the quickest scope-in time, and no barrel is needed for fear of dampening the damage. Vertical Grip boosts hipfire accuracy, as does Laser.

  1. M4A1
    Will you look at that, the first carbine unlocked?
    This carbine has good mobility, decent damage, good firerate, and good suppression capabilities. It has a 3SK up close but at long range it takes a 6SK, thus discouraging long range. However, with the low recoil, it is accurate enough and often times can work at long range in a pinch. It is easy to use, and many new players start out with it, and have fond memories of it(me included). It can prepare you for many playstyles, too. The fully automatic mode holds a consistent accuracy, and with that virtually non-existent recoil, it can work at all but the longest ranges. Also, while I rated M4 above M4A1, the US military is upgrading every M4 to a M4A1 due to a need for automatic suppression. While some M4’s are still in use with special forces, M4A1 is more commonly seen. The recoil is also predictable. It has a rather low muzzle velocity at 2200 , and the reload time is extremely fast.
    A) All-rounder
    Vertical Grip
    Green Laser
    Z-Point has a fast scope-in time and the magnification does not cause any camera recoil. No suppressor is wanted, for fear of reducing damage, and Vertical Grip is simply a good grip. Green Laser helps in hipfiring.

Well, that’s it!
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Hollow point :joy:
Not sure how you’d expect to hit limbs when they are ignored when in front of the torso/head. In most cases, it is not practical to rely on limb shots for the damage boost.

Not to mention the 0.7x torso multiplier which hurts performance even more.


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FAL 50.63 PARA?

Also, SR-3M can have Extended Magazine.


The only problem is the para’s recoil goes straight up compared to the stable recoil of the 50.00 even though it has less recoil






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