Thought's on the Update?


I love this new update.From the balance changes to the sights.But i have a grope with the almost all of the new sights.Why are the reticles so big and obstructive Here’s an example:

The size of this recticle makes it really hard for me see the targets i’m trying to shoot at mid-long range.
Anyone else have this problem?
The suggestion is obvious:Shrink the reticles so they’ll be better overall




I agree some of the old red-dot sights have gotten much larger red dots, which makes them harder to use at range. However, some of the sights that previously didn’t have dots, such as the M145, now have tiny little dots in the center. If you want to keep your small dots you can just play around with the different sights.


Unnecessary nerfs everywhere. Seriously, why the SCAR PDW?


I don’t understand the nerf either,the Scar PDW has never been good it needed another buff in my opinion.


well, since the sights changed and it’s magnification, safe to say I have to rewire my muscle memory for aiming