Thoughts On Balancing The PPK-12?

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Congrats, you’ve been caught lying.

The PPK-12 is a fictional variant of the AK-12. Completely made up by Stylus themselves. Please don’t make up a fake story so you can make yourself feel like you are right. It is one thing to make a mistake like you did earlier and admit to it. But instead you tried to prove me wrong by referencing a fake Wikipedia article.

Do I care that you did this? No.

But I guarantee you that someone else would make a fuss about this. All I’m trying to save you from this happening again. A moral of the story is…do your research!


Can’t you take a joke seriously?


I was only KIDDING.


There was no way for me to know that you were kidding. Especially considering the fact that this whole argument started by you bringing up a irrelevant topic on this thread that was in no way discussing if it was a pistol or a PDW.

The more I think about it, I am doubting that you were kidding. Especially because you didn’t say that you were kidding after the first post. Rather you told a lie about what you “found” on Wikipedia. You continued to keep telling this “joke” without stopping until I called you out on it.

Honesty is the best policy. And if you keep trying to avoid conflict by blatantly lying hoping that someone won’t do their research, then you make yourself look more stupid. I’m sorry, but that’s the way the world works.


Well, I know. My apologies.


You have to learn somehow. I wasn’t trying to personally attack you earlier. Just wanted save you from the trouble that could have occurred.

Don’t feel bad for wanting to feel right. It’s only human to feel that way. My goal was to warn you that stuff like that doesn’t really fly on this website.

I hope I wasn’t too rude. And I MOSTLY respected you. I typically try not to be all that aggressive.




Cuts off the barrel of the M16A3

It’s a carbine, I swear!


Cuts off iron sights of L115A3

It’s a DMR!


Adds a stock on Glock 18

It’s a submachine gun!


Elongates barrel of AK-12

It’s a Battle Rifle!


glock stock


Adds magazine to BFG .50

It’s an enemy stand LMG!


Unfortunately that’s kinda how it works. I know it sounds stupid, but according to Wikipedia, that’s the most effective way to define if something is a SMG.

Don’t bully me



Oh shid whaddup


Technically it IS a submachine gun, or at least it’s classified as such.

“PPK-12” stands for “Pistolet Pulemyot Kalashnikova 12,” or “Machine Pistol Kalashnikov 12.”

So yes, he’s technically right.




changes the scar pdw ammo

It’s a PDW, I swear!


Cuts the barrel off the VSS

Its a S3-RM, I swear!