Thoughts On Balancing The PPK-12?

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In the test place, we recently got two new guns in the Secondary “Other” section. One of those guns is esentially a smaller version of an AK-12 (which I had already covered in a previous topic). This mysterious gun is known as the PPK-12. I hope that this gun makes it to the final game as this would really help me out as a Sniper, because I could kill rushing enemies.

Anyway, at first I thought to myself “how are they going to balance a gun like this. This gun might end up fitting into the “OP” catagory as the well-balanced GLOCK-18 might become obsolete for higher ranks”

Think about it, they are giving us an ASSAULT RIFLE as a secondary! Could you see a balancing issue with that? An argument might be “well it’s a rank 155 unlock so it might not be that common”. If a gun is considered “OP”, chances are lower ranks are going to spend their precious robux on it.

Now that I got my rant out of the way, I think there are a couple of ways that they might be able to balance it:

High Recoil This would make sense as it doesn’t have a stock. Plus only people that knew how to control high recoil could use it. M231 lovers anyone?

Limit Range I think limiting the effective range to something similar to a Carbine might help out a little. Maybe slightly worse then an AK-12C?

Slowest Walkspeed For A Secondary Do I need to explain myself here?

What are your thoughts? Do you think that they can balance this well, or are we just going to see another overpowered weapon that everyone hates such as the M60?


We already knew about the PPK and SAIGA-12U a long time ago.

I’d suggest a 20 round magazine, high recoil, lower bullet velocity.


Yeah I should have restated that. “Recently I have heard about the PPK-12”

In terms of balancing though, I forgot to mention mag size and bullet velocity, which seem like the #1 go-to places when they balance guns.


pocket m231 seems like best option
i want m231 + ppk-12 for the dual m231 combo


all honestly, I’m all about mobility so if the walkspeed is slow, I’m sticking with the G18

Anyways I bought a 33rd extended mag for the lols so there’s no way you could change my mind


Good attachment choice, but could’ve farmed kills instead.
I can’t change your mind anymore.


buying attatchments/guns > ranking up
change my mind


Buys BFG at Rank 34: Time to have fun.
Reaches Rank 65: Why did I buy that…


hey, I have 43k credits to spend alright?

I rarely buy stuff in PF so I guess it’s good to treat myself once in a while. then again, did it for the lols


Spend on cases for beautiful melee skins like I do :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure none of us has tried the PPK-12 in test place.

We can’t even tell that if it’s op or not.


I actually tried it, along with the SAIGA-12U (Chasing and stealing from devs is fun), It’s pretty strong, it has high recoil, It has the SCAR-L reload animation, uses a very high pitched AK-12 shooting sound.

While sprinting, you hold the PPK upwards like a pistol.


People still complain about the M60 being overpowered? Dear god.


Correction, I was referring to the MG3.


RPK 12 can reload on a dime, has the samefirerate on burst, and same ish recoil.
Want your two shot headshot but low recoil? Rpk 74 will sate your bloodlust.

Simply put, the Mg 3 is essentially a merger of both with overall worse stats.


Fair enough. The more I think about it we don’t really have any “op” weapons anymore. Pretty much all the guns are pretty well balanced. (The Scar L could still use some work though).


PPK-12 is a submachine gun


No its considered a pistol because it lacks a stock


Removes stock from Vector



I looked it up on Wikipedia and it classifies as a SMG. That means it belongs to the PDW section.