There needs to be a Discord for the Wiki Editors

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Well, I am a Wiki Editor (Big shock isnt it) and I want to be more active with the Wiki and getting correct and more facts for the Wiki, So, I am hoping we can make a Discord Server (Yes It could be public for updates) for the Wiki Editors @Trismirite I know you’re one. And The Discord could have a few public Channels for suggestions and a announcement for Wiki Updates (The Major ones) I, am just thinking it would be a good Idea I will want a Moderator to comment on this and approve such a thing EDIT, If there is one, PLEASE PM me Last edit… Side note, Could the Wiki Editors get a rank or tag in game? Since I would hopefully assume most Wiki Editors are trustworthy people


Please, If you know a link that I could use for the Editors Discord Server (If there is one) Please send me it on discord or on a PM on here.