The Wiki index


This topic is to be an index to link all other wiki articles to make it easier for the user to find what they need.

This forum is locked so that only wiki editors and trust level 4 users can post or edit in this category.

How do you become a wiki editor?

If you are a editor from the old Phantom Forces wiki you can get the wiki editor rank on here. Otherwise you can apply in the #site-feedback category. The way the Wiki works on the forum is there is a post type known as a Wiki post, and it allows Trust level 4 to edit other peoples wiki’s.

In this case, we’re only allowing certain people to do that for the main index post, and some other posts, but if you’re a wiki editor, you’ll be able to post in the Wiki section, each article should have a new thread and so on. Once the post is added to the index, it will be changed to a wiki post which will allow other trust level 4 users to edit them.



The Glock 18 / G18

Assault Rifles