The two best alternatives to the SVK-12 and PPK-12

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Due to the stigma of the AK-12 “clones”/variants, the best way to add these two guns stats-wise to use their IRL counterparts:


This is the best option to replace the PPK(pdw) as the ppk itself was based on the SN
after it got moved to the the pdw class, while it doesn’t have the very high RPM of the ppk-2(1000 RPM vs 700-750 RPM), it has controllability instead.


( 7.62x54R)

(7.62×51 NATO)
Instead of using the fictional “12 series” version why not use the actual variant?

while the SVK is still in it’s testing phase(as a prototype weapon system),It should be considered a dmr version of the SVU, and doesn’t have a 2-round burst system that fails to be effective(Looking at you SVK-12.)

Rate if you would like these two guns in-game:

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The community wants them back, but Hypo not.
The best is just to replace them with these real life versions I guess.


Hypo bad, Shay good


I wonder if all the AK-12 variants will be remodeled to be based off the final version of the AK-12 rather than the prototype…

Tbh the DBV-12 modeled off the final AK-12 would look sick imo.


TBH I perfer the 2014 model compared to the final one:


I love how the AK-12 was originally going to be radically different from the AK-74M, but then it evolved into what pretty much amounts to a tacticool AK-74M.

Looks better in Cashmere/Flat Dark Earth IMO.


I would do anything for the devs to use the 2014 or 2015 model instead of the typical 2013 model for the ak-12 variants.


Like I said

The 2016 model in FDE slightly tuned for the DBV-12 model would look siiiick.


Wonder why Hypo hates those two weapons.


Because he don’t want more AK12 variants.


To be fair, we don’t REALLY need them. These guns are more or less just a guilty pleasure.

Kinda like my desire for Galil’s or having an actual M16A1 in the game


I wanna see the F2000 in the game.


Oof, that’s why he took off the PPK and SVK.


M16A1 is redundant with the M16A3


Read this first. I made sure to include stats that would make the weapon seem unique and not just a reskin.


: 0, it can work, so a more experimental AR-15?