The riseing of the console


it says in the desc “aim assist”
y’all do know that roblox console is mouse keybored supported? good
this is aimbot,all im saying.
prepare for the good games thread to be filled with 48-9 games of me with the “aimbot” stylis gave us
such happy


Too bad that I don’t own a XBOX.
But PC version stays better.


xbox was pretty much a time machine
i never played during those days and i started at the winter update last year (capture the flag)


i’ve never owned any console other than pc. pc is versatile and customizeable. x-box cannot run photoshop or have a GTX1080 equipped



But, is the performance not going to be bad now?


i want to snort u


I have Xbox :smiley:


What’s the point of playing PF on Xbox? It’s Roblox, you don’t need a 2080 to run it on pc.


Uhhhhhhh… Xbox has aimbot?


I think the concept of aim-assist is lost upon you. It’s not an auto-tracking aimbot. Yeesh. And mouse and keyboard on console isn’t a huge game changer.


i just have to aim in the general area, not precisly on the person

i dont just shoot where ever i want to

basically like a shotgun
if i fire a shotgun near you, it wil hit you becuse 5/8 pellets hit you


pf colsole is third on popular (on console)
next to ADOPT ME
this is big, dont ya think?
a forgotten game. 1 update. 3rd most popular game

on pc cits like #12 in popular even after this brand new update


PF is more suited to console anyways.


Perhaps, but I really can’t imagine someone performing stuff like the double jump and good dropshots with ease. No, diving headfirst into the oncoming enemy that’s facing you is not a good strategy.
I’m sure it’s possible, maybe I’m just spoiled by my mouse and keyboard. Either way, that control scheme seems like it would take sometime to get used to.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t really matter if the issue with optimization wasn’t addressed.


Oh Hell is it really #3rd most popular on xbox?


man just sittin down over the summer really paid of didn’t it?


I really would have liked to launch PF xbox at the start of summer, but the entire team just wasn’t behind it.


its ok
PC should always come first, the xbox users i guess expected the update would never come or they never played PC and they actually thought that mess was good