The Morning of the PF Crisis: Electric Boogaloo


Me *starts making post*
Life, College and other stuff: "I’m about to end this man’s whole career"

–Take 2–

***Inhales some fresh Canadian-Ingredient Hoozer***


Hey there everyone, it’s me

Your non favorite substance inhaling poster

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So, I guess it is time (the second time actually, because damn reddit doesn’t seem to be able to auto save drafts)

Planets have lined up again

Elements have came together again

It is time for the prophecy to prove it’s veracity

This is….

The Morning of the PF Crisis

(electric boogaloo because it is a sequel)

So, let’s begin


So. Unlike the first part, I’m going to address each problem separately. I won’t blame nothing on Stylis (hopefully^™) or the community (hopefully^™ x2) so let’s begin

  • It’s becoming lineal and repetitive (insert meme review claps here)

Yep. I have to say it. Yes, I love this game, I’ve had some of my best days in it and I spent a lot of time in it, but as all things in life, it has lost it’s scent.

(Guess you can blame it on the sudden rise of Battle Royale games. Even I took part on that shit. Apex was and still is lit)

In any case, I, and many other people and even some content creators, have started leaving the game aside. Yes, some of them leave the game due to personal reasons/college/family/pls end my misery okno im joking pls no ban, but the ones I’ve seen all state a common reason for leaving. The game has stopped having new things to show

Leelee stated it. And I actually agree with such statement. The game seems to have already exhausted it’s UNO cards. It took every chance and used every +4, +2, reverse, skip and color change card it had and even then, he still hasn’t reached the UNO part. Instead, it has been receiving slow but progressive cards and is starting to escalate back

(Yes, I know that the average player base increased from 7k to 10k one time, but now…it seems to be falling back. As by the time I’m writing this (May 9th 2019, 9:53 A.M) Phantom Forces has 5.7k people currently playing it, while many other games almost quadruple that)

I’m not intend on letting this game down.

I know it takes time and effort, and now that I’m starting my second semester on >!Computer Programming !<I know how hard it actually is to code and maintain a thing like this. To keep the databases going smoothly, to constantly run debugs in the code, to spend eternal minutes in front of your laptop trying to figure out how to solve the damn bug before your sanity fades away and the voices in your head can’t be shut up.

I know it is exhausting to keep on constantly building models and maps and reviewing that stuff, checking that every block is in place, that no textures are clipping and everything is lined up smoothly.

I know that it is hell to try and make good sound effects and swift, swiggity, smooth animations

But right now, it just seems like that effort is going to waste. Most content seems and feels like repeated formulas. Most, if not all, of the guns are feeling distant. (You could also blame that on my side, but I honestly don’t know)

The game is now starting to feel like a constant loop with just slight variations. Oh look, you are in a plain with some buildings and you have to capture a flare in a tunnel. Wow, now you are in an abandoned motel in the middle of the desert and you have to kill people and step on their bodies. Wow, now you are in a rig in the middle of the sea and you have to take a suitcase that glows from the other side of the map and bring it to yours

Yeah, some changes are obvious and I won’t negate that, but yet again, every game mode is just a spin off of the base formula. Spawn, Kill, Die, Respawn. And that is what is making the experience grow old badly.

Maps are all static, there’s NOTHING interesting in them. They don’t have amazing stuff aside of the location. Hell, even in Those Who Remain the maps feel more active. In there you can at least hear the engines of the cars, but here…

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Maps are a silent, static nightmare, and the worst thing is that the guidelines for the Community Map Making Program just support such philosophy. Let me quote some things from it

Oh yeah I forgot

(Warning: Possible unintentionally offensive statement ahead. Apologies beforehand. Tactical Spoiler)

!They are outdated and haven’t been touched in a whole YEAR!<

Alright. *clap emoji*Next *clap emoji* Issue

  • Still insisting on the broken promises

(This one is where basically it seems like the disclaimer is tresspassed. And it’s because it is)


Maybe I should make a super dank list

  • Community Case

Nope. nothing

  • Return of Lito’s update videos
  1. Months. 9 Months since the last video. And then…Well, the result it’s there
  • Map Making Program

Gotta recognize this one, they did it. They did it well. It’s a nice program but…the directives need changes

  • Monthly Blog Post

Umm…last one was 2 months ago…

  • Communication Increase

My thoughts on this are mixed. In one hand, Yes, the Stylis guys have clearly improved on this and they now talk more and interact more with people. The giveaways and the intention of making a monthly update blog are a solid evidence of it. In the other hand, well…some of those attempts havent even seen light or were cancelled at the very beginning. It’s still kind of hard to find them available…

I don’t honestly know what to say here. I guess I’m leaving this one for the Comments

Alright, no more shit to throw. Disclaimer may be broken just once more, so be ready

  • The somehow faulty quality controls of some updates

Yes, this one is evident. Some of the recent updates have been faulty at delivering either quality content or delivering an acceptable amount of content

Evidence of it is both the 2018 Halloween Update (Laziest Update 2018 Prize) and the CTF Update (Most Rushed Update 2018 Prize) are solid evidence of it.

Some of Stylis’ Updates are seemingly not having a good quality controls before launch. And that is because Stylis hasn’t yet learned to be PATIENT

Even today, with the HK-21 update, it seems like they clearly didn’t realize that the HK-21 shouldn’t be in the hands they placed the weapon on (this following text is just my personal opinion)

The HK-21 should be for rank 150 as it is actually really powerful and could fall in the category of toxic overuse like the BFG50 or the M60

Alright, got nothing else to say

As an extra disclaimer, I won’t comment on my recent opinions on some stuff I’ve recently seen happening in the subreddit here, since I’m planning a separate post

I’m not intending to offend or attack anyone or anything at anytime with this post. This is just a commentary. The Crisis title is just to keep up a sequel like feeling to it

This isn’t a return, as I may post way later form today

Until Next Time…

Canadian-Ingredient Hoozer Mix effects disappear


I blame Egg Hunt for the lower player count.


The HK21 is fine where it is.


hey quick question

what does Hi-Fi 3p and Low-Fi 3p do?


i think those are animation smoothing things, not sure, possibly framerate adjusters


They’re the running/crouching/proning animation settings.