The Minecraft megathread


i can’t even build a wall
look at dis


no u


yes him


Started working on the new revamped Desert Storm, Wish me luck, cause it doesn’t look easy compared to Crane Site and Metro.


Revoov because i want to know which one of those banners i should use

also how do i get verified on #minecraft in the stylis disc


I say the cross rather than the dots


Dirtcube made the diamond texture on the left, I made the emerald texture on the right. They’re both translucent.


Weird to see my freedom of life oppressed by this normie. I as an intellectual have created a more complex yet beautiful diamond that this man will not try to stop from getting on this forum as it is that great. LOOK DOWN BELOW


dritcueb’s updated diamond


4 month revive btw


progress update on mowing the lawn (flattened down the hill that my temporary base was on, i now have a base that is floating in the air, i don’t feel like moving all the chests with the unholy amounts of dirt that i am winning from this project) + flexing my new narwhal skin


I question your base build style.


it’s ugly, but it’s only temporary, i’m building an actual decent base when finishing up this project.




Lightning hits the boat.


oh god thats unfortunate


i improved it


As Minecraft has become much larger since May, it’s about time to revive this. Im addicted to MC, btw.


Damn yall really didn’t revive this in 1 month Im dissapointed


I burnt myself out on Minecraft from the years I’ve been playing it. I have basically no drive to go back to it, and I’m just waiting for updates to roll out so it can feel fresh to me again.