The Minecraft megathread


Do you play minecraft?

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  • No

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Would you play modded minecraft?

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TF2 Megathread

Yes I do.

I even remade the new Crane Site with a few tweaks, Cause I remade Phantom Forces on a server as well:

Please no hate cause I made some changes that doesn’t look like the real PF version ;(


I made a meme on the discord with your minecraft map


I would love to see that :open_mouth:

EDIT: I also got Metro :wink:


post all screenshots of maps in minecraft



Also, memes:




I actually made those maps yes.
Used 1.12 blocks too.

Hill from Metro can be captured by both team Red and Blue.


I’m glad to see some level of dedication, the maps are pretty easy to recognize, and I especially like the addition of a second crane. Keep making things man, your good at it.


I got really into Minecraft in like 2010. Back then, people at school would talk so much shit about Minecraft and make fun of me for liking it, but now it’s like the most popular game of all time. It’s really interesting how things have changed. I still think it’s a good game, but it can’t hold my interest anymore. I don’t bother with mods because I have better things to do with my life.


Thank you scotter, I made an entire working Phantom Forces game, Guns work, Most Attachments work (not 100% done), Metro and Crane Site are done.

I am interested in making more :wink:


Is that a second crane?

Second cancer?

Somebody get me Minecraft on my Mac now!


No, that’s totally a mounted BFG 50 with a white skin.


Looks hot, can u like give us a download link, wanna play it for myself


I… I’m speechless…


The game won’t work, It requires server plugins.


i quit minecraft some time ago, kinda want to play again

my computer is potato, it cannot withstand minecraft mods


No Minecraft, no


I’ve built things in Minecraft with mods, lag was a pain though…