The G18 Handgun


The Glock 18 or G18 is a machine pistol that fires at a rate of 780 rounds per minute. It fires 9x19mm Parabellum rounds.


Developed on the request of the Austrian counter-terrorist unit EKO
Cobra, it was first produced in 1986 by Glock GmbH. It is not to be
confused with the Glock 18C, which is a compensated variant. It is only
used by two government agencies, the Utah Highway Patrol and the Royal
Malaysia Police, although many more military forces also use them. It
can realistically accept 10, 17, 19, or 33-round magazines.



The Glock 18 has significantly less damage per bullet than the Glock 17.
It makes up for this by being able to switch between fully automatic
and semi-automatic fire modes. Although one might not expect the Glock
18 to be as accurate as its semi-automatic cousin, it is about as
accurate as the Glock 17. However, it has low aim and hip stability,
which makes it perform poorly at medium to long ranges. It is incredibly
powerful within close quarters, but it should only be relied on when
the user knows for certain an enemy is alone, or as a backup weapon to
finish off weakened enemies.

The G18 is more of a niche pistol because its damage output can
be somewhat lacking, and players will have difficulty with sustaining
its hunger for ammunition unlike other weapons in the same category,
like the Glock 17 and M9.

Aiming for the head is highly recommended - spraying from the hip will
quickly empty the magazine and leave a player defenseless. Switching to
semi-auto is preferred should a player choose to attempt to pick off
their target at range, as leaving it in full auto will cause most of the
bullets to miss their mark.

This weapon is similar to the TEC-9 machine pistol, as both have similar roles and similar magazine capacities, although the rank at which each is available is drastically
different. However, the Glock 18’s recoil, while nastier than that of
the G17, can be managed with some trigger control and the usual recoil
management methods. The TEC-9 will practically fly out of your hands
even with the best attempts to keep it down. However, the TEC-9 makes up
for this by doing significantly more damage per second(aka DPS), which
means it’s much more powerful at short ranges and if you can manage to
burst fire the weapon. The G18 is better if you don’t have the TEC-9 and
you want a pistol that’s not quite so reliant on spray and pray
tactics, but if you need a weapon that hits incredibly hard and
guarantees an opponent’s death upon usage, you will find the TEC-9 does
the G18’s job better.

As of December 4th, 2015, it is now called simply the “G18”.

The Glock 18 pulls ammo from the MP5K and all dropped pistols except for the Deagle 44 and MP412 REX. Despite the general availability of these weapons in a fight, ammunition must still be managed carefully.


  • This was the first machine pistol to be added. [2]
  • In real life, the Glock 18 fires at much faster rates of fire
    from 1100-1200 RPM. It was probably set at 780 for balancing reasons or
    to differentiate it from the TEC-9.
  • This weapon is very accurate with the Delta Sight.
  • This page became Article of the Month last April 2016.


Weapon Type: Secondary Weapon
Weapon Class: Pistol
Rank Prerequisites: Rank 17
Cost: 4200 Credits (Cost will decrease as you get higher level)

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