The Feels Megathread



Not funny, didn’t laugh.


texting gets easier the more you know them




Yeah, I hope so.
I get really anxious about conversations and how they flow, it’s just the way I am. Waiting till I see her again is gonna drive me crazy.


I knew it


Someone would call me out on that


I have an orchestra concert, after school, tomorrow, and I get home around 8-9 PM, combined with it’s like 5-10 miles away from my regular school since for some reason the orchestra teachers decide to make it at a university instead of the middle school or high school, which both have large stages for playing.
I’m going to fucking suffer.
But hey, I’m a first violin, so I’m in the cool kid clan in which the teacher likes the first violins since we’re actually good so I can’t be talked down to, for I’m the chadster in orchestra.


My grades are shit right now

I am doing over due assignments right now

Wish me luck


I’m up at 2 AM. Fuck.




Right now




you have been gifted from @sutton9000 : Luck x 1


Alright, sorry for the delay in my videos, but I need to stop and sort some personal stuff out.
My mom is being a bitch again and refuses to listen to what I have to say. I just had the most retarded argument earlier, she eventually started to say stuff like how she “loves me” more than my biological dad. To which I responded by saying “You really don’t demonstrate that well.” Which she said, “it’s a lot harder to love someone when they’re at your house 80% of the time.”

Fuck my life, I need a break. Sorry guys.



Im asian, my cultures value family, so I cringe when people insults their family member.

Maybe try sitting down and having a talk?

And I doubt she’s very happy with you making roblox vids instead of studying or “go outside”

Try offering to do some chores, that might helps things out .


I might as well do some chores. That’s like the only argument she has against me anyways. She always likes to say how I’m irresponsible.

I asked her if we could resume the conversation this Saturday, she seemed up for it. I’m sure I can recover this before shit really starts to go down. Recently she’s threatened to take this situation of deciding custody percentages between my dad to court. Actually no, she’s been doing that since last summer when she started accusing me of having sexual desires with my now 6 year old sister. Also, she’s one of those cliche parents that think Youtube is a waste of my time and shit like that. She most likely thinks it won’t go anywhere. Regardless, it’s just a dick move to interfere with me especially considering the fact that it hasn’t been affecting my performance in school. When I try to explain how I feel when I’m at her house and how I’m much happier at my dad’s, she goes off on this tangent about how I’m being brainwashed. Or something like that. My cynicality is so high now that I’m at the state when I have problems controlling my emotions when we’re in a heated discussion. Which is extremely important, even if the other party member can’t.


Bus driver just ignored me. Sitting here for a half hour. :upside_down_face::sob:


Honestly I’m pretty sure it’s @Guy_with_no_name he gets offended on behalf of other people and tattles constantly. What a little bitch.


Tell that to the courts if she tries to change custody percentages, that is straight up emotional abuse.


Also an extremely common excuse for single divorced mothers. Your mom seems like the type of person who can’t acknowledge her own flaws.

And yet she wants more custody of you. Hypocritical.

My verdict? It’s not worth fixing. People like that can’t be convinced of anything. She also likely uses you as a verbal punching bag to relieve stress too, am I wrong?

Regardless, if you don’t fix this, and the courts rule in her favor (because she’s a woman and let’s be honest, she has the upper hand by default), then your life will become a downward spiral of misery until you become an adult and just cut all ties with her. I’ve seen it happen countless times.