The Feels Megathread


so it turns out
that I may be bipolar
now I might not be, since I haven’t gotten professional help, but it feels like it, where on somedays I’ll be perfectly normal and other days I’ll make everyone I know suffer and almost lose my girlfriend :sunglasses:




This thread went from sad moments to what it sounds like when you have 8 year olds in the same car as you


… or I have a 8 yr old in my head


Nonono were fine


Ok if you say so
ahem guess not guys


In other news, a small child has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

And now Carol with the weather.


back to lurking i go


you wont be safe >:D…


shut up ur scaring him




ok cool


All the depression happens over the summer, then subsides in the winter for commercial break.




To continue the lack of feels/sadness in this thread;

I recently went on a date with a girl, and it was pretty fucking amazing.
We went roller skating and she didn’t know how to skate too well, so I held her hand the whole time and guided her. She would randomly poke my nose and giggle when we we’re talking, which was even better than skating.
She’s really funny and passionate, and she was so enthralled with the lights of the place I couldn’t help but admire her.
Afterwards we went to my friends house and played smash till 3AM.

We’re already planning to meet up again on Saturday and next Monday, and I already can’t wait to see her and the days are going by so slowly.

The only thing I’m worried about is how texting is a bit awkward, atleast from my end, I’m hoping it’ll get better the more we hangout and open up to each other.

This is pretty good, I’m feeling pretty good.


Maybe you could make the food yourself, hmm? Potato soup is always a good choice, it fits in a thermos, the ingredients are cheap (potato, water, milk, salt, cheese, pepper, onions, cooking oil) and it’s easy to eat.


He said it’s a casual thing. Bringing her over and cooking for her isn’t as casual as going out to a fast food restaurant and just having a talk over some simple food. You can’t rush into a relationship, otherwise it’ll be half-baked and last about as long as a one week affair.


Yeah. The point is to be the opposite of romantic.

And bringing her into my house, cooking for her, and eating in with her, is romantic as fuck.


how long is that?


That’s what she said.