The Feels Megathread


She prob hit an artery


Gee slutton, you think?


Hey im not a slut


And i didn’t know what to say


And yes it was obvious and I knew that cap obvious


where the fuck else are you going to lose a LITER AND A HALF of blood? not from simple skin deep cuts that’s a fact




The other thing I would have said would be so non optimistic my name would not be Sutton


I’d say tell her to stay positive, but that won’t work. Statistics show that’ll make it worse.

Get her a therapist or something. Whenever she vents to you, direct her to mental help, she needs it. I apoligize if I sound harsh, but I know from personal experience this is the way to go.


Whats up with kids and committing suicide? Jesus



Have a happy crawly boy.

He creep
He crawl
But most importantly
Satan knows all


Probably the education system tbh, the standards in primary school are so low that when they get to HS, they just fall apart, they didn’t expect to actually have to, you know, try.

Also we’ve got the attention seekers on social media that have it their goal to get as many likes as possible and dumb shit like that, but when they realize no one cares, they feel personally attacked.


Or probably the fact that people do the opposite of what their told


Its the culture. Nowadays its all “me me me Im special in my own ways!” Kids expect to get trophies simply for being able to breath, so when real hardships comes around, neck on rope.

Check this out, the current suicide rate is higher than post-WW2 and the Vietnam War, what the actual fuck? This is utterly pathetic. The suicide rate was at its lowest in the year 2000. The increase correlates with an increase in social media popularity, as well as the increase in popularity of SJW culture.


If you dont want to get depressed, dont give nudes to people online, dont go on instagram everytime you eat a kitkat, and dont expect the real world to be rainbow, pony and clown porn.


At first you had my curiosity, now you have my attention


Suicide is just dumb, it’s not like their life is ruined.
I’d be more understanding if they were in a situation of suffering from being ridiculed from society due to their sexual orientation or something like that. If no one truly loved them, yeah, what’s the point.

As for social media,

man up girl scout.


i actually am in this situation rn.

i sucked at math back in my single digits, but they had me take a comparison test against a 9th grader and i scored higher than them.

in elementary school that was

but now, i get mostly Fs and ect.

send help plz

but what caused me to “burn-out” was that everybody had higher expectations for me than the ones i wanted.


Math in US ez me no lose


Just do what you want to do. It’s what I’m doing with my game. If anyone has expectations fuck em, it’s your life. Not theirs. They don’t get to expect anything from you. Of course if it’s things like a relationship then yeah expectations are reasonable, but that’s because it’s a two way street. If it’s one-sided expectations, then fuck em. ESPECIALLY if they berate you for not meeting them


Cyber bullying leading to suicide is just stupid, all are pathetic kids. I only accept suicide if physical bullying was involved