The Feels Megathread


ight boiz we gonna change da topicc 2 somthing brite ok

ye guis liek itt?


Can you actually fuck off? The point of this thread is to express your actual emotions, you are completely killing the mood


Damn, thats…disturbing


That’s just wrong. I know I’m stating the obvious, but that shit really pisses me off.

If it would satisfy you, just turn her in. It’s clear you can’t stand her anyways. And to be frank, she deserves it. Considering how irritated I am at the thought of that, you must be feeling it 1000x worse.


Fuck off faqqot (your censorship shall not hinder me from practicing my freedom of speech stylis)


Uhh, this isn’t the meme thread. Post that somewhere else.
You just lost respect from like everyone. Not that we really respected you in the first place.

Go fuck yourself.


i will chuck this post an acknowledgement of joke :heart:


What if your nails bit your mouth


Fuck you too faq




thanks mate


Etam sknaht


I like how this got 4 likes and the post you replied to got none


bored so gonna post something here because why not

life is good and i got over most of my anxiety and stuff
it’s nice


2 good friends and a bunch of… satellite friends (friends of friends whom i get along with)

edit: i was re-reading this thread and saw this. i felt like i had to say something idk why…


holy shit I learned about equalizer stuff because I saw it on my phone
and holy shit it makes the songs I listen to sound so much better.

I turned the lower frequencies up, and it makes the lower pitched drums have more of a kick, and it’s so nice holy shid


I’ll post another update later, pretty sure haven’t posted here in 2 months…?
Anyways, I’m doing ok now, but I’ll go into detail hopefully tomorrow?
maybe even today


Well. One of my best friends tried to kill herself yesterday.
She sent me an picture of her cut wrist.
She lost around 1.5l of blood. She has gotten medical treatment.
This isnt the first time either.


Damn son


I don’t even know what to say