The Feels Megathread


That’s called accident


i mean, nothing too odd with that, unlike attack biting yourself like me


When you uncontrolably eat your skin


Lmao cannibal


@Snip4life it’s just a coincudence


you know what, if it makes you feel any better, just bully us okay? Me specifically.


No me


your writing is amazing Andrew. That is why I read everything you type down.


I’m rank 371 in a lego shooter.

Bullying me basically writes itself.


Billy me :frowning:


Omg he call me gay


Nice to know I’m not the only one who fhcking does that bullshit


You spelled fuck wrong


No I called your uncle gay.

Because he fucked you.


Not you he call me gay


And my uncle never tucked me


Great, now I share something in common with a black guy



I am… beyond anger. Beyond any emotion that knows a name. The amount of rage resonating within my soul makes the flames of hell look tame in comparison. This… thing that was my sister has crossed a line that nobody should cross. Ever. She is no longer family. I hate her from the very depths of my soul, the very core of my being cries out in a song of putrid black malice when her name is mentioned. I never, EVER want to see this disgusting woman again in my life. I may have held sympathy for her once but that was a mistake. I refuse to call that vile woman family. And if she dares show her face at a family gathering after I move out, then I won’t be there. I can’t tell you what she did. But I wish I could. I wish I could smear her crimes all over the walls of the internet and let the world know what a disgusting creature she is.


Alright man, remember, we’ll listen to your rants all day if we have to.


What did she do?