The Feels Megathread


What is the Feels Megathread?
Essentially, I decided to take the annual Feels Centrals and make them into a megathread.

What is it for?
This thread exists just so we can talk about our lives outside of the internet. Happy things, sad things, hardships, triumphs, or just the day to day mundane. Pretty much all is welcome here. I encourage you to talk to others about their situation, trust me, it helps to just have someone listening.

When can I join in?
Anytime! Talk about your problems or help others with theirs! Just try not to be judgemental, we’re all humans here, and everyone has ups and downs, or makes mistakes. You don’t help people work out their problems by beating them up over them.

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Avoid this topic unless you are an admin. Shits gone down
Avoid this topic unless you are an admin. Shits gone down
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Feels Central #3 sadfrogs edition

@SilverKnite @Toothless @Moongduri could any of you guys merge the Feels Central threads with this thread? Thanks in advance!

I sure hope that this isn’t a flop.


I’m second comment


Guess I start as usual.

Still a bit torn between the girl and guy I like, but I think I’ll just say fuck it and go for the guy. He’s pretty damn cute too :slightly_smiling_face:. I honestly think something could work out between me and him. So that’s a thing.

My family went to court against my sister, and now has to go to rehab and family therapy. But i have to go to family therapy with her, so a win/loss I guess.

Overall, I feel like things around here are starting to wrap themselves up.


What go for a guy? No offense but are you Gay?
And your family sued your sister what?


I’m going to assume bisexual.


Everytime I use the FAL, I get people complaining.


I’m bi, but I try not to flaunt it. I dislike people who flaunt their sexuality around like it actually should matter to those around them.

…politics aside, I don’t know all the specifics because I wasn’t there, but I DO know that my family took my sister to court over her delinquency. Smoking, drinking, partying and getting 10 miles of cocks run through her every week. Yeah.






So, recently, as you can see by my profile pic, I became a furry. I always liked the thought of Anthropomorphic animals, and when I saw Zootopia, the thought got even more prominent in my head. No, I am not gay or bi, I am straight as can be. I guess it all started when I first saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. Great movie btw, if you haven’t seen it you really need to.

What does it mean to be a Furry though? I get this question from so many people, and no one ever thinks about what I say, they all think we are a bunch of dog Fuckers because there is a sexual side to the Furry fandom. Anyways, to be a Furry, you need to like Anthropomorphic animals, like the characters in Zootopia, Family guy, and others with talking animals. No, we are not creeps that like to fuck in costumes, and we wear the costumes, coined “Fursuits”, for fun, nothing else. Fursuits are a way to get into your character and be your animal side.

Yes, most of the fandom is Gay or Bisexual, around 96% actually, but it doesn’t mean that all furries are Gay/Bi.

Um, so my parents got divorced. We have tried to move but there have been so many complications with it, and its’ really got me stressed out. I write to keep everything from eating my insides out. I live in a beautiful house, and I’m really sad I’m leaving it.

Recently my GF of 2 years moved to France. I haven’t gotten to see her in a few months and I’m really depressed about it. I’m sure I’ll get over it, but it’s really hard right now.


Wow your sister is defunctional no offense
Wonder how you turned up decently normal


We might’ve found Aphrodite.


Why can’t everyone be like you…


I just opened a can of coke, and I noticed on the side it said “Share a Coke with a soul mate.”

End my suffering.



Listen pal, I got many many things I’ve buried deep in my past for a 17 year old. Let’s just say if a few of them saw the light of day I’d immediately shoot myself no questions asked.


Because in today’s society (at lesst in america) sexuality is now just a golden ticket and people realize “Oh hey, I can wave around my sexuality and get free perks! Yippee!”

I don’t know why I hate people who flaunt, I just do. Probably because a lot of them come off as trying to say they are superior to you because of their sexuality.


i relapesed again a few nights ago


it was the deepest cut i made to date


Of which you’re fully right to hate them.


Can’t believe this got 20 replys in 1 day
My topics only get like 10 replies in one month :frowning: