The AK103: The Overlooked, Versatile Assault Rifle

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I promised I would do a thread about this weapon after the poll results were in. Surprisingly, both this and the AKM won. But I’m not going to discuss how “amazing” this weapon is or anything. Ironically, this weapon has basically no strong strengths or weaknesses. It combines everything that makes the AKM, AK74 and AK47 good in one gun. Well… mostly:

It’s not crazy or anything, but this weapon sure has a decent amount of it. From my experience, it has a bit more recoil than that of the AK47, but the pattern is almost identical. You do have a couple of options to reduce it though. Contrary to popular belief, most of the recoil is just camera. Which means you should, dare I say, stick a Folding Grip on it.
If you still want to lover it more, the ARS Suppressor is a great choice. It’s velocity is almost the same, and the reduction to minimum damage is, well, “minimal”.
Which brings me to my next point:

One thing that makes this gun unique is it’s damage stats. It’s one of the only Assault Rifles in the game that keeps its minimum shots to kill no matter what attachments you put. Meaning no matter what, it will always at least 4sk to the torso at ANY range. And it will never do less than that. This really makes this gun special, and adds an extra layer of versatility that isn’t even matched by the AK12. You have a wide range of attachments at your disposal that don’t dramatically affect the weapon for the worse like it does on the other AK’s. Really making this gun’s potential stand out depending on you have CQC or ranged attachments.
Speaking of which:

Personal Class Setup
ARS Suppressor
Green Laser
Folding Grip
This is a very stable setup that gives you a lot of options on how you want to use it. It will work great at longer ranges and up close. Thanks to that ARS Suppressor, you have a little bit of stealth and drastically reduced recoil. Muzzle Velocity is still reasonable too, as it isn’t a heavy suppressor.

Depending on the attachments, you can tune the weapon to fit how you play.

This is arguably the most versatile weapon in the game. It doesn’t have any strong strengths or weaknesses, making it the “Jack of All Trades” of the rifles based on the AK47 platform. It has the close damage of the AKM, ranged damage of the AK47, and the recoil control of the AK74 with the right attachments. If you have a versatile playstyle like me, you shouldn’t sleep on this weapon. It can be quite fun to use, and it is horrifically underused in my opinion.

What is your favorite AK?

  • AK12
  • AKU12
  • AK12C
  • AK47
  • AKM
  • AK74
  • AK103
  • AK105
  • AK12BR

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RPK-74 is my favorite AK.



be a real Slav an use the RPK


If I included all the AK platform rifles in the poll, we would be here all day.


I think the main reason it overlooked is because of the wonky recoil pattern and the trash burst


I never use burst mode with it. You’re better off just manually bursting in full auto mode.
As for the odd recoil pattern, you can stick on a Suppressor to drastically reduce it. Again, this is one of the only Assault Rifles that doesn’t have its minimum shot kill reduced by suppressors.

That being said, I believe this gun deserves love. It doesn’t shine in anything, but it doesn’t have any disadvantages because of that. Plus, it doesn’t have trash damage like the almost equally versatile AK12.
Though, I would argue this gun is more versatile overall than the AK12 because of this guns potential with the right attachments. Perhaps maybe my outlook is flawed because I main this weapon and I’ve adapted to it?


The side to side recoil and the burst having the same speed as the 600 rpm automatic mode kills the effectiveness of the 103.


A Suppressor is really the only way to effectively reduce the recoil. Any of them will do.
The AK103 isn’t really known for being effective, I would say that wasn’t the point I was trying to get at. It’s effectiveness is under the control of the player. You have the ability to control its weaknesses and strengths.
And I’ll say it again, please give the Suppressor a chance, it will almost completely reduce horizontal recoil to null, and vertical will be about as high as the AKM.

The AK103 is effective at being versatile. It simply put “gets the job done”. It has great long range damage, and perfectly acceptable CQC damage. It gets overlooked because it blends in, and high ranked players would probably rather use something well known like the Vector. It really is a shame no one knows what this gun is capable of with a proper setup and use.


I don’t want to use the suppressor since it reduces that velocity, which is why i sometimes use it on the AK-12c though


ARS keeps it at around 1960 if I remember correctly.
Comparing that to the already below average 2000sds, there is no way in hell you are going to be able to easily notice the difference.


eh, i don’t like the ARS, if i’m going to use a suppressor, it has to be a suppressor that actually does it’s job right like the pbs-4, unlike the 80 stud detection range ARS.


I could argue that 60% of players dont even check the radar, but thats irrelevant.
If thats your preference than I have no reason to tell you otherwise.

That would be like if you told me “why dont you use the AKM”


Fair enough, although we can agree that the AK-105 is trash and needs a buff, seriously it needs a buff badly.


Seriously, 5sk at range. Wtf stylis.

Tho as a 105 main, I can say that up close, like REALLY close, the damage is ok. And at least has low recoil.


yep but that fire rate is leaving much to be desired, it’s a discount AKS-74u irl and a discount Scar-pdw in-game, the scar is superior in every way other the wall pen, a rank 32 weapon is better than a rank 105 one, good job stylis, good job.


Honestly, Stylis could’ve added a real life weapon AK-107 instead of AK-105, which has a significantly faster fire rate at 850.


in this game
high rank doesn’t mean high quality
i like that :+1:


You could argue the opposite with some of the other weapons but that’s besides the point, high rank weapon shouldn’t be crappy downgrades of low rank weapons(unless it’s you know a troll weapon)
, I’d want something that makes me feel like this is a rank 105 gun,only for it to be a total letdown and instead feeling like a waste of a slot ,


I’d personally rather not have the like 15 AK variants or the M4/16 ones. It gets monotonous.

the problem with that is they want the game to be semi balanced where the high skilled low ranked players can at least compete somewhat. (Stylis dosent seem to be very good at that.


the point is, that high rank guns aren’t neccesarily good.
In fact, some could argue m231 is a straight downgrade from mac-10
you can argue bfg 50 is much worse than intervention or some other heavy sniper
( which is true)
you can argue hk21 is a scam, and that mg36 is much better(hk21 is good btw)