Sup lads... you got any military equipment?


no, just the pistol





So I have this semi full-auto stealth ghost gun…

(I’m kidding; it’s a Ruger AR-556 outfitted with a binary trigger. I got a sling for it too, but I can’t take a picture of it yet.)




bad trigger discipline


I couldn’t balance it


bad trigger discipline


An update on my AR…

I have a sling for it now, so my project is as good as finished for the foreseeable future.


0/10 no full aluminum mag.


Me doing a reload on my AR.

Mini-petition for StyLis to add this as a reload for AR-15 family rifles.




Magazines haven’t broken on me



Old enough to own a gun but still plays roblox…

GG mate


Honestly, Idgaf.

I play Roblox shooters because they’re free lmao

Little do most people know, it costs money to shoot guns.


Remember when I said my AR is done?
I lied.
NOW it’s finished. And spoopier.

Bonus video, testing whether or not it does the stabby stab.


It’s cute.


I know a few friends with a significant amount of gear, including personal armor and other fun things.


Isn’t that the HK416’s reload but with a rapidly fast click on the end?


Pretty much, hence “mini-petition.”
Also I think AR-15s work very similarly to FALs with a few extra bells and whistles, so yeh.


just copped myself a Luger.