Sup lads... you got any military equipment?


My mom is thinking about moving to Singapore

oh god help


yeah, surrender your military equipment as well, civilians can’t have in possession ay military equipment

that includes night vision binoculars

and get ready for the expensive af prices of everything


does this mean…
no GP-5 gasmask!!!


You’re moving to Singapore?

Oh dear.

Watch out for 54 Immortals while you’re there…




GP5 Gasmask isn’t Military


Another countries military my dude.


My dad has around 3 boxes of wad cutters


Got some range time in yesterday, filmed a bit of it so figured it might be fun to share it here? youtube video


@Darkman_Bree FAL!



Obviously that’s now a fake message from Shay.

Shay loves the FAL, right Shay?

Threatens with Frying Pan


Deflects Frying Pan with Grenade, not sure how that works but shut up


I’m not kidding about the wad cutters


This is officially Shay’s favorite thread.


Yep, pretty much. Ey look I uploaded a Youtube video


Update (very much so later)

The aforementioned problems with the M1917 were because of the mag floor in the gun. It was smooth to allow for cycling the action for training. With that gone now, it may work 900% more reliably. But only time will tell.

(It’s still a very nice gun though.)


I guess that’s where “fuck the FAL” came from?

Long ago I shot an M1A (civilian M14), and it had no jams or malfunctions whatsoever.


Bolt action FAL confirmed?


If you count airsoft then I have a rifle and a pistol


do you have the novritsch ssg