Sup lads... you got any military equipment?


Dutch flag





You russian spy…

I have a few nerf guns and a Mac OSX laptop and a ThinkPad laptop that can both run Phantom Forces, so yeah, I guess you can say i’m in the USMilitary


I have to serve military time so i guess i will have military equipment?


Singapore has conscription too

soooooo I might be holding on to a SAR-21 sooner or later


yeah i will be using a Daewoo K5 and K2A probably




And how old are you?
15 and you are going to be conscripted into the military
Yeah right


an entire 6 years older than you, woah

stylis really has quite the age gap in players


I’m not nine


it sure seems like it sometimes


Not going to start a flame war


Roast me idc




Skinny af


how fat do you need to be for that to be an insult


airsoft isn’t allowed in Australia


you can’t even carry scissors in public in Singapore, albeit in your bag or in your hands, unless it’s in its original unopened packaging

now you might think I’m over exaggerating on the packaging part. I’m not


Even Britain Isn’t that Strict

Sounds like a terrible place to live.


be grateful that you can carry scissors with ease