Sup lads... you got any military equipment?


literally just got this a few moments ago as a Christmas gift. :sweat_smile:


You should add all your real life guns into the game.


cries in anti-firearms law




I’m a reenactor that does Royal Marines in the 1980s, and Royal Fusiliers during Operation Granby. Who just happens to know Shay.



as I mentioned I know Shay.


I see that Bob Ross Shirt


M1917 confirmed for PF?

That said, I also have shot that gun (my dad owns it), and the magazine is kinda sucky to say the least. Barely holds the cartridges in an orderly manner while single loading, and doesn’t like feeding from the magazine. Out of all the times I got to shoot it, only once did I manage to fire more than once from the magazine, and that was 4 rounds. Yours probably will be better off, but those were just my experiences with the M1917.


Mine is 6th off of the line. Great grandfather worked at the eddystone factory. So it has a little more value to me than just some rifle from world war 1.



Must be something precious. It’s rare to have something rare and valuable for Christmas, much less come across it in reality.

I wonder if there’s any chance of the M1917 coming into the game, or if the Mosin already is too similar in your eyes.


what does revoove mean


It’s revive, but in meme speak.


I own a Frying Pan.
You know… that thing I smacked @shaylan007 with.


What I wouldn’t give for those fantastic hooded Iron Sights on the M1917.

Or even the M1917 revolver as well.


I have a rubber band


Yes full hand reveal