Sup lads... you got any military equipment?


y not


got a few toys


guys, I think I know why the KSG is in game now


So what military fields the KSG? All I’ve seen are either Mossbergs or Remingtons, with the occasional Benelli thrown into the mix.

And AR-15’s aren’t generally military service either, unless that is a genuine M4/M4A1.


Sweet mother of cheese nuggets Shay actually commented on a post that i made.
Is This heaven


yes. legend says that if any devs post on your topic, you’re granted a 200% increase in skills


a few seconds on google… wasn’t really thinking about who fielded the gun when I posted it, just thought it would be fun to share :man_shrugging: Also the ar15 shown in the photo is a Troy GAU 5. Got a few more photos if your at all interested.

take what you want from this post, not trying to start anything though.


rip me, I can’t even carry scissors in my backpack in public where I live

even if I had no malicious intentions, the police would arrest me for possession of a weapon



Rip… guns are fun.


Okay. Thanks for clarification.

The update was amazing btw

Sorry about a few months back.


hate to revoove, but ur in civil air patrol


Motherfucker just save your money and come to america already.


He will not divide us


have this with my airsoft shit


Lord Tachanka is that you?


Do you have one of these?



I think you mean one of these.


Not really. owo


Shay add Lewis gun plox danke



It’s a DP-28. Uncultured swine.