Sup lads... you got any military equipment?


So I got some actual spare cylinders for my piece…


fast as fucc boi


Put a scope and BT on it.
I dare you.


I’ve thought about putting a picatinny on it before, but never thought beyond it.

Also a BT is literally a smart phone duct taped onto the gun, so recoil would knock it off.


Do it!


Boi, how he gonna reload that thing without:

A: Breaking his phone
B: Jamming his gun


C: Breaking his AN-94.


That better stay as a thought.


ur about to have a nightmare


Oh no.


its a message from nathans dad… death


read my message


Never really wanted a red dot on my 1858 anyway.

Though I have been thinking about getting fluorescent paint to make the front sight glow, preferably in green.


Speaking of my 1858…

Fear me mortals

@Darkman_Bree You’re welcome. ; )


You have too much fun with your 1858 New Army don’t you?


No such thing. ; )


Bro i want a Mini 14


Like the automatic one the ac556?


Autos would be pretty difficult to attain at 18, I would be far from ready to pay tens of thousands for an automatic one, along with doing all that government paperwork to get it transferred. So my plan is to just get a standard semi-auto one.


Get that one from the A-Team!