Suggestions for CoR Remastered


I think that CoR Remastered should have some things from phantom forces. such as slideshotting, realistic first person mode, etc etc. I also think that CoR Remastered should have votekick, a crane site map and again etc etc.


I can’t tell if you’re serious or joking because some of these suggestions are just really bad.

N.O. Slideshotting is already the annoying result of a physics glitch and doesn’t need to be in the game.[quote=“Acceleray15, post:1, topic:2724”]
realistic first person mode
Explain what you mean by “realistic first person”

Crane Site is already the worst map in PF and you want another map of the same theme? no thanks. Doesn’t make sense in a WW2 game anyway


But…slideshooting is fun ;-;


Accel probably meant Cinematic Mode…


Crane is the best map in pf. the worst PF map is crane site revamp. not the crane site before desert.


When spawns are as screwed up for ghosts side as any other map, nobody plays objective and goes for the crane, yeah, crane map is one of the worst balanced maps in the game.


I couldn’t agree more


0-0 REVAMP IS THE ONLY CRANE SITE I LIKE (you make me cry with your…stupidness)


I think that crane is the best map because, however, people don’t play objective, but it is the best map for hitting trickshots. It’s also the best map because some areas are close quarters and that helps you get better with autos.


No. I meant how realistic the first person mode is like thats amazing for first person game in roblox


Roblox cant do that sadly


So no crosshairs and guns will have high recoil?


Good idea, but it means putting the ROBLOX engine to the max…

Lag will be hell…
Crashes everywhere…

Next thing you know, is the Blue Screen of Death happening just abouuutt…


-BSOD appears-


nononnnno my potato will xplode


Then buy a tomato




GOOD IDEA MAN GOOD. (This is complete


nah, buy a sweet potato :wink:


Crane Site?

Plz tell me that is a funny joke, cuz we do not need WWII sniping campers.

But anyway…

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My favorite map is desert map cus I can use every type of weapon on that map. Now that I think about it I can use all types of weapons on all maps just desert works the best.