Stylis plz undo the suburia map


For any folks out there who dont know yet, Stylis redid the suburia map.This means full remake, more sketchy landscape and more hiding spot.
However, in my own opinion, the new revamp sux. mostly because its center(a.k.a the spot where noobs used to camp in houses waiting for people to go cap hill) now has even more spot. Alot of times i play suburia K.O.T.H and rush hill some randos just pop up from the ledge and dome me which sux because the objective is to hold the hill. And it has become a horrible place for frags because it has less fence, so less things will hold it back from sliding away and kill anyone trying to rush hill.
Moonduri, if ur reading this plz undo the suburia map and remove mirage. I beg u ;-;


Moong is not a dev. He is a moderator on the forums.

Also the revamp is great.


If it gets undone, spawncamp returns.

(My MC version of Suburbia is still based on a mix of 1.0 and 2.0)


but the current suburia map still has a load of spawn peekers so lol
spawnpeek is unavoidable ma guy


The current version is harder to spawncamp.


but once ur there ur there forevar


Until I go ded.

Which happens more now.


no u


Since when is Moongduri a Dev? He’s just a moderator for the website.


You are aware that Moongduri is just a Moderator, and has no control or access to the game, right?


Why undo mirage, i feel like we NEED bigger maps…


The revamp is great. Little to no spawn camping happens.


The new suburbia was really good in the test place, as most players were decently ranked and no one was abusing the guns that would be OP in suburbia, that along with a relatively small server size made suburbia revamp on there perhaps one of my favourite maps. However, with the laggy, suppressed shotgun hell of the main game, the current suburbia feels like a reversed mirage, any mid-range combat is extremely difficult and any long range DMR/Sniper is impossible to use. I personally do not snipe, but my aggressive playstyle also poses a problem. When following what “seems” to be the flow lane of the map, one is thrown right into the enemy base, and hides by some of the houses, except in doing so, you’re welcomed by a hellfire of thousands of bullets, that make PF feel like one of those retro bullet-hell, rather than an actual FPS. Although I see why they removed the roof access in PF, they also took out a vital long-range combat lane that was present in original suburbia. It is clear that roof access should be limited; however, I believe that it shouldn’t be outright banned. Overall, the main flow problems with suburbia is it being a cluster fuck, they took out some key mid-long range engagement areas. The current flow lanes allow mixing too easily, giving more flanks than original mall, and it overall being too condensed with props.

Some small changes I propose are adding “cave-ins” and some ladders back to re-integrate the roof section back into gameplay, but to a limited extent, reducing the amount of props, and rearranging the flow so that the 3 ground lanes don’t mix too easily.


Read the whole thing ya’ lazy fuck.


The new Suburbia is great. The slope of certain areas has a psychological effect that concentrates people around the center areas, and overall it just feels like a nice map with plenty of elevation differences.


You… I like you. You’re okay.


Honestly. I love the Suburbia revamp. It’s awesome.

My only problem? L A G .


1.bad grammer
2.moong isn’t a Dev ones going to change a map because of one person
4.many people like the revamp
5.if there are to many spawncampers deal with it
6.get gud


Pretty much.

My only complaint is, like I said, the lag; I love the elevation changes, and the new details on the house interiors are sweet.


but he can tell the devs lmao


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