StyLiS Discourse Discord Server!


making a new thread bcuz the old one probably doesn’t deserve to be revived so here we go.

the discourse community server is where you can talk about things that is phantom forces or maybe not phantom forces.

the point is, it’s a place for you to interact with other members more quickly and efficiently

we also host almost regular game nights during the weekends, you’ll usually find it happening on Friday nights (Saturday morning for my Asian gang wink wink). you can play PF, minecraft, unturned, whatever!

wanna join? here’s the invite link!

remember kids, sit up straight and eat your vegetables or else I’ll thanos snap you!

this commerical has come to an end


nah I will


I’m new to the discourse, so can I ask, what’s the difference between the Stylis Discourse and this website?


that is on discord its better I guess


This website is the stylus discourse. We just call the server the stylis discourse discord because most people in there are from here. It’s open to everyone though.


they’re the same thing! this website is built on the Discourse platform, much like the Stylis Subreddit bring built on the Reddit platform


Oh, oops sorry my bad im new to discord


Super revooved


medium rez