Songs that make you emotional and make you think of deep stuff

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Put the songs here that either make you cry, bring you close to crying, or just make you feel really emotional, and give the reason why.

For me it’s Viva La Vida.

I don’t know why but this song just gives me a sense of adventure from when I was younger. The stuff that used to be fun that really just doesn’t click with me anymore or I just straight up can’t do anymore.

Flooding lego sets with a giant water bucket
Flinging dinosaur toys around
Destroying a weird combination of a city made up of spongebob playsets, wooden blocks, toy train tracks, legos and megablocks.

And it reminds me of simpler times, back when I didn’t ask myself the meaning of life and think about things I don’t know about.

Back in the day, I didn’t care about what’s beyond the earth, what the hell is the government keeping away from us in area 51, what would happen to me and my family if a nuclear war started, how long will I live, how will I die, what happens after you die, what would happen if I dropped out, will I have to repeat a grade, am I a good student, am I dumb, does my mom really care about the things I want to do, do I get sick more often because my mom’s an anti-vaccer, would I ever get a girlfriend, would I ever get married, would I be a good father, would I have a lot of good or bad friends, what would happen if another World War happened, will T-series beat Pewdiepie, and a lot of other stuff too upsetting and confusing to think of right now.

Lots of confusing and mind-boggling thoughts I didn’t have to worry about back when I was 5, 6, 7, or 10. I’ve learned so much interesting, funny, stupid, gross, out of wack, crazy, weird, paranormal and sometimes confusing and upsetting stuff and seen so much through the age of 12, 13, and, coming up next month, I’ll be 14, so that’ll bring even MORE crazy confusing shit happening in my brain. Regardless of that, I still miss the simple days with no worries about anything, Back 7 years ago, all I really had to think about was learning the alphabet, simple math, and having fun. Now everything’s really different.

That went really fucking deep, probably deeper than it should’ve but hey, that’s what I think of when I hear this song. Guess it really gets to me, it’s such a good song.


Saturday Blues has always been a special one for me. It’s a song that has bridged many parts of my high school life, from the end of Freshman year to current times.

The song has seen me grow up, it’s seen my previous relationship, my failed one with Olivia (see the feels megathread for more, I might have a new entry tonight), and to wherever I’m going into the future.

I think the song stuck with me because of 2 events.

One time, me and my mom took a few hour drive to a bigger city in Michigan for an art showcase and to meet a YouTuber.
We never ended up seeing the YouTuber, he wasn’t there. As we wandered around the city looking at random art, we both felt an air of disappointment, but we pushed on to find the good and fun anyway.
I was sad at the time for other more personal reasons, so that didn’t help with the disappointment.
I’ve never been in this city before, and if I have, I was too young to remember it. We walked around the place as the sun was setting, and everything was caked in this beautiful orange light, it felt so warm and cozy to be lost in a city with such beautiful yet such dark emotions.
At this time, I started to grow out my hair much more and got a new leather jacket. I decided to slip my headphones on and started playing Saturday Blues.
It was all so surreal, the music fit everything perfectly.
On the drive home, me and my mom just talked for hours. We talked about my stories, my plans for the future, stuff about my parents divorcing, and it was… something else.
Saturday blues playing in my ears the whole time.
I told Olivia about this story. She is an artist, and she made this beautiful picture of what I described. I would post it, but I’d rather not doxx myself or her. It makes me think of when we we’re closer and talked all the time. I miss that, as much as I know she isn’t healthy for me.

The other event was on the drive home from a trip I took up north with my girlfriend at the time. I was in deep thought and listened to music the whole ride home. My girlfriend sat next to me and layed on me when she fell asleep.
I watched all the buildings, people, and places go by that I would never see again. I stated to think to myself about stories, the things we tell people, the legacy we leave.
My dilemma at the time was that I felt I wasted my youth, and I had no stories to tell or to teach people from my past.
The whole time in deep thought, I had Saturday blues keeping me company.
I think Saturday Blues summarized the trip in general for me. It’s difficult to describe.

This went on longer than expected, Jesus.


Sabaton’s staple “war is hell” song, along with Angels Calling and Price of a Mile.

To hell with it; the Swedish version goes here too. Except it’s more about the soldier during the 30 years’ war than the whole war in general.

It has me thinking about deep, emotional stuff. Exactly what stuff I don’t know at the moment.

The song about not feeling so good.

The song about losing things close to you. And that’s sad.


most songs by Lund (most of them on soundcloud)


Literally makes me cry since it brings back nostalgia for me when I was a baby. No joke.



Avicii’s video since I started listening to it ever since I had heard about his death and Hymn for the Weekend since it brings back nostalgia from the Philippines.




There are a lot of songs that make me emotional. That’s either because they’re incredibly well written and well put together or because I relate to the lyrics in that instance of listening. I’m certain I’m not the only one who cannot pinpoint any few songs that do this.


Does anybody else here consistently listen to rap?


Nah; more of a metal head myself.


reminds me of summer
it also brings back nostalgia from the past and probably gives me a look at me in the future