Someone explain why the hattori cant 1 hit backstab anymoar while others still can?


Yesterday i was playing PF trying to git nife kills and during the match, i noticed something very serious.
H A T T O R I S C A N T B A C K S T A B A S E A S Y A S B E F O R E.
My guess is due to the new hit reg and people goin prone (yes, the problems occur the most when people go prone). So please for the love of god and the entire PF community plz fix ur hit reg.
And buff the Honey Badger as well plz i shot a guy w 20 rounds just to deal 80 dam tf is dis?

  1. 10/10 name, surely not to be noticed by the mods.
  2. The problem is most likely your shite internet and Roblox’s shite servers.
  3. Drop the Honey Badger and go for the AS VAL.





You probably missed some shots you didn’t notice you missed. It takes way less than 20 bullets to kill someone with an HB


10/10 name





No, he is telling the truth, the hattori doesnt 1hk anymore. Its kinda irritating, sometimes, when the game wanna fuck with me, it takes 3 strong hits to kill 1 guy.


Noticed by the mods.


Yes, all two handed weapons have had their hitboxes kind of messed up. I use the Nordic War Axe, and it’s been behaving funny as well.


Did I state he… Pardon, they were wrong?


Pretty sure you just did



  1. 11/10 grammer
  2. 11/10 name
  3. Why the fuck do you have a honey badger
  4. Totally use a m60


M60 < RPK-12
Fight me.


m231 is the only lmg for me


No me

I can actually give some form of a good fight with it


Because Honey Badger good gun


Fix your WiFi first

Fix your WiFi as well, it may be your ping

Or you just don’t want to admit that you missed 90% of your shots on that one guy

This is why you use the AS VAL, much better, much more stable, much faster and more damaging


aw gawd plz dont make me change ma username


but still i sometimes dink w the honey badger and get 3 or 4 hits and all is says is [+44] Assist
rly stylis