Shadow Shotgun nerf complaints

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At least I have the Spas.


DBV is another good one.

Got its fire rate buffed to 250, for some reason, but even before that it was already an amazing shotgun.

So imagine a Saiga-12, but instead of an uber spammy fire rate, you had actual 1-hit kills with birdshot, 2 more shells per magazine, a faster reload, and less awkward to use in CQB due to the much shorter overall length. It’s also rank 24, so I don’t know why the community doesn’t spam it to hell and back or use it among the ranks of the AK74 and Honey Badger.


KSG sucks now. go go DBV


Serbu > KSG


  • same range

  • faster reload

  • doesn’t make you suffer when picking an extra weapon because it’s a secondary

  • faster fire rate despite not being buffed

  • birbshot has the most improvement in effectiveness compared to even primary shotguns

  • Recons can use it