Shadow Shotgun nerf complaints

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Well, it looks like that the Christmas Balance changes doc. didn’t show every change. The most notable ones were the shotgun firerate changes. (I don’t know if there were any other changes regarding shotguns) The Stevens DB changes WERE shown in the doc.

KSG-12 Firerate: 130-85 and Max Damage from 35 to 33
Remington 870 Firerate: 100-75, Damage 33-35
KS-23M Firerate: 85 to 55 (Animation added) Changed to 65 in the New Years update.
DBV-12 Firerate: 200 to 250
Saiga-12 (Firerate: 350) and SPAS-12 (Firerate 180) Unchanged.

Please explain this, Stylis. You nerf all the higher damage shotguns and leave the lower damage shotguns. Excuse me? Let’s just do a quick KS-23M and Saiga-12 comparison:
KS-23M: 3 shot kill on the torso if 1 bullet hits = 65/3 = ±22
Saiga-12: 4 shot kill on the torso if 1 bullet hits = 350/4 = ±88
So you can kill someone FOUR times faster with the Saiga.
But if all bullets hit, that increases to almost SIX time faster. So basically, you can kill FIVE people with the Saiga when with the KS-23M only ONE, in the same period of time. And it is the same concept with the other 2 shotguns. Also the DBV-12 has the same problem as the Saiga, both having very high firerates.

Of course, this is slightly exaggerated, but seriously? Stylis, do you call this balanced? When one shotgun can kill people 5 times faster than another shotgun? Holy crap, please fix this. And do this quickly please? Because we needed to wait TWO MONTHS for the Scar-H OPness. And can someone explain why these changes weren’t shown in the Balance changes document? Controversy? What?
BTW, they made it that the KSG can’t 1 limb shot with slugs at close range anymore. Just why? So Saiga and KSG both 2 shot with slugs? And the firerate? Nvm. Sorry for the rant, but this really can’t do. SO STYLIS, FIX THIS PLEASE? Because I am already seeing the rise of the Saiga and the DBV when I played today. Either nerf the Saiga and DBV or buff the high damage shotguns in any way. THANK YOU…


Fido. You put wayyyy too much effort into this post.


But do you get my point? Complaining costs effort


Fair enough.


Ksg didn’t get its damage nerfed I don’t think


It did

The max damage between the 870 and KSG got swapped.

I wouldn’t have minded if that was the ONLY change to the shotguns. That and maybe the buffed range of the Serbu.






Your math is blowing my mind.
Imagine lacking this much comprehension of how time to kill and shotguns work, and basing oneself on a very specific case that’s nowhere representative of the situation.


Point stands, though.

You can kill 5 people with the Saiga by the time the KS-23M is done its pump animation.

I see no justification in the pump action nerfs.


If anything the semi’s need a s nerf(except the SPAS-12 it’s fine where it’s at) like the s-12’s max damage be 25, to make the pumps more viable.


Saiga is already a 4-pellet kill turned 5-pellet kill with Flechette and Birdshot. All that would really accomplish is lowering the 4-pellet kill range, which isn’t that tremendously long to begin with.

Also, why not buff the pump action fire rates to where they were before? Sure, keep the damage rebalances between the KSG and 870, but keep the fire rates, so that they aren’t outmatched by the semi-autos.


sure,I mean the KSG wan’t that annoying in the first place so it should get back the 130 RPM ,and for the R 870 it should have tighter spread ,not KS-23 tight but the spread should be tight to a degree


I think this does enough to explain why the KSG nerf and DBV buff was undeserved.


True,true indeed



Btw, neither had birbshot


The update basically made pump-actions almost obsolete due to the multi-kill potential of the semi-auto shotguns. It’s not worth using pump-action weapons now if you have access to semi-auto’s from a practical perspective.



RIP Remington 870


RIP KSG especially.

Basically a Serbu Shotgun, but as a primary, so you’re more limited in your backup options when your KSG isn’t working.

A least the Serbu can be paired with far better weapons from spawn.