Secondary tier list


Tier S (for sure this is for high ranks)

  1. Five seven
  2. ZIP 22
  3. Mateba 6
  4. MP1911

Tier A

  1. 1858 NW (New Army)
  2. Tec-9
  3. Serbu shotgun (from the last time is not 1 in chamber and now got updated to shotgun from few days ago)

Tier B

  1. MP412 REX
  2. M9
  3. Obrez
  4. Glock 18

Tier D

  1. M1911
  2. M45A1
  3. SFG 50 (po_ke deserve as with his bal track)

Tier F

  1. Saiga-12U
  2. M93R (i don’t burst very much when i have no auto click)


Is good.


You’ve angered the M1911 god you blasphemous heathen!

Repent, for the desiciples of John Browning are on my side!


This is the worst tier list I’ve ever seen. Does it even take the stats of any of these weapons into consideration?


GO COMMIT NECK ROPE for this terrible list


Ironic that thou wouldst call this tier list trash, revolver heathen.

But yeah let me just enlighten your bitch asses.

S Tier

John Browning probably got help from God making this gun, because it is basically perfect. It’s two shot capability and a TTK of 0.08 seconds literally makes this thing better than the fucking Kriss Vector. Also, it’s an M1911, it has almost no flaws in anything.

The M1911 is one of the most powerful guns in the game. Yes, in the game. Counting primaries. The M1911 is capable of two shutting up close, and three shutting to the torso at range. While its recoil looks bad, it’s actually not terrible. Overall the M1911 is versatile, powerful, and adaptable in any situation. It can even win gunfights head to head with most primaries. While ammo count also looks bad, its quick reload and powerful damage more than make up for that tiny weakness. Overall the best pistol for any given situation

A Tier

Literally the M1911 with an even lower TTK, except this time, the gun has flaws.

An M1911 sidegrade that sacrifices its 3 shot kill at long range to boost its power in CQC. It’s still an M1911 though, so it’s still top tier.

Think M1911, but somebody made it automatic. ‘Twas a marvelous idea, eh?

The recoil really throws it off, making this an anti-spam pistol. But if you know what you’re doing, it works. It works very well.

The most consistent revolver, and has highly predictable recoil, unlike the MP412, whose recoil tends to travel left.
-TP_ONE, SilverKnite


ZIP .22
The muzzle velocity is shit, and so is the bullet drop (and the damage before I forget), but with a slow moving bullet, it is much easier to compensate for, making this surprisingly more effective at long range than one would think. But please, for the love of Jesus, don’t miss the head, please.

B Tier

The most consistent of the secondary shotguns. It’s versatile, powerful, and mobile. An all around good choice for anyone whose primary struggles to pick up the slack in CQC.




The burst fire makes this weapon one of the easiest burst weapons to master in the game. Really, this gun’s burst has a low, and easy skill curve to master.

C Tier

Have you ever felt the pinnacle of underwhelming power? That’s the Glock 18. So C Tier, the C tier was made for it.


D Tier

It’s effective, but miss just a little, and the gunfight is over for you. Unless, the hit verification decides to favor you and bullshit your enemy.


E Tier


F Tier

SFG 50
Are you really surprised lmao


Where is the five seven?


We made the pistol tier list before the five seven came out



Ur 5’ 7"


acktually, i’m 5’11


5’11.5" nerd


Agreed with all except the Mateba 6. Still has a slow ass reload for 6 shots, and it still kicks a ton. (Also lacking in M1911)

Agreed with all but Tec-9, which should be replaced by M93R, and Serbu which should be moved up to S tier, being the fastest reloading AND most consistent secondary shotgun.

I’m going out and saying it. The MP412 REX is the epitome of a bad sidearm. Atrocious recoil, 4.1 second reload, all for a 1-hit headshot that isn’t easy to take advantage of, and because of the recoil can’t make back-to-back shots.

Also, Obrez is a literal pile of shit that should be discarded by anyone that is sane. It has no place even NEAR B tier, given that I’d rather fuck a cactus than EVER use the Obrez.

So what I’m gathering from this shit tier list… is that the Obrez, the pile of fucking human feces it is… is not one, but TWO tiers above… the M1911, one of the most versatile and powerful sidearms in the whole game. M45A1 shouldn’t be this low either. Still has high damage, except now it has lower recoil and a 10 round magazine.

SFG is still a direct upgrade from the Obrez. I don’t care what anyone says, but SFG at least isn’t FUCKING GARBAGE AT KILLING THINGS.

While the reload is slow, at least the Saiga-12U is a fast firing 1-hit killing machine, and is amazing with Birdshot, more so than its primary counterpart. At least a B tier.

If you auto click with a burst gun, you’re missing the whole point of burst fire.

Also, you’re missing Sawed Off, DEagle, and Glock 17.

In short, this tier list is otherwise OK, but putting the Obrez anywhere above F- tier makes it shit.


Time to add my list to this growing topic
Tier S

  1. M1911
  2. Deagle .44
    A Tier
  3. M45A1
  4. Five-seveN
  5. MP1911
  6. 1858 New Army
  7. Serbu Shotgun
  8. MP412 Rex
    B Tier
  9. Mateba 6
  10. M9
  11. Glock 17
  12. M93R
  13. Glock 18
    C Tier
  14. Zip 22
  15. Obrez
  16. Tec 9
    D Tier
  17. Saiga 12U
    E Tier
  18. Sawn Off
    F Tier
  19. sfg 50