Score Per Second Vs KDR


I think a player should be judged for matchmaking not for their score per seconds, but their KDR as well. I often find myself in one sided massacres because my teammates suck. I guess they usually play the objective instead of getting kills, but that isn’t helpful in TDm or Kill Confirmed. I think, because they capture points and flags, their Score Per Second is high, not because they get kills. So I end up getting people who suck at getting kills on my team. They are good at capturing objectives, but they just can’t kill enemies who are in their way. But, if score per second and KDR from the past week of each player was taken into consideration, you could get balanced teams that have an even mixture of team objective players and killers who just rack up kills instead of going for the objective.


interesting… but take into account collaterals exist, and a low rank could simply be stunned by a group of players in a hallway, open fire, and kill them

i understand keeping KDR in the mix, but i think it should stay as KDR due to the coencidental events