SA58 SPR: The most overpowered underused weapon


is it something about the recoil that made it go in B-?


No it just has low DPS, high recoil, and it just can’t compete with other guns now. Most battles take place within 50 studs in PF, and within that range, the AG-3 really loses hard against a lot of guns. Even the SCAR-L, the assault rifle with arguably the lowest DPS in the assault rifle category, just blows it out of the water thanks to the higher rate of fire.


That’s what happens why you decide to use a roller delayed blowback system for 7.62x51mm battle rifle, anyway it’s is a 2 hit headshot upclose, but due to the recoil as you said, and the slow rpm it’s not really effective to use in those fire fights, the solution? give a limited 2sk range like the MC-51 too make up for the rpm and recoil.


I’m not arguing the balance. I’m saying the AG-3 is bad. And that you should pick up the G3 if you like two shot headshots.


but it doesn’t have the 3 hit to the torso, that’s what i like about the AG-3, G3 only does it to like 50 studs.


Okay but you’re not supposed to be trying to use that. You’re supposed to aim for the head and tap fire. It still ends up out damaging damn near the entire game. If you want practice hitting consecutive tap fires headshots, maybe you should try using the SA58 SPR.


well i don’t really need that since i hand 95% my headshots with precision weapons such as the SSR and TCR.


Well the SA58 SPR does the same thing but better. It’s faster in every way than the SCAR SSR, it’s actually a good gun unlike the TCR, and it’s just amazing in general. I don’t know why you refuse to use it, the SA58 SPR seems right up your alley


this is actually my favorite DMR

thank you hellcat


I agree with hellcat

The G3 is hella useful in close and long range, literally the one of the best battle rifles in game alongside the FAL 50.00

The G3 is literally a headshot machine unlike the AG3


the AG-3 (how dare you forget the dash)

is a consistancy weapon. it will do the same thing at all ranges (within reasonable bounds)

the AG-3 has higher muzzle velocity, Less recoil, Quicker recoil dampening, More penatration, Higher suppression, and a faster aiming speed, Faster aiming walkspeed.




Yeah but it’s also consistently beaten by tons of weapons where the G3 is… not. Not at all.


pfft. you dont even give it a chance


L86 LSW is good yeah, I’m not saying it isn’t. I’m just saying I think the SA58 is better as a DMR.


What about the mk11


it’s a basic bitch DMR, they nerfed the AP on it smh


Wouldn’t the SA58 be an S tier gun? The G3 can’t 1 shot headshot at close range, and firing it at auto is less effective than aiming to the head and tap fire due to recoil. Also it doesn’t fire much faster than SA58. With all the strengths of the SA58, I think this weapon is slightly better than G3 (which I would put at A+ tier).


FYI the suppressors do not increase range, they decrease it, just look at the studs numbers on the bottom of the graph


When did I say this