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Just to make things clear when I moderate people; these are the rules (from the official stylis discord)

For a full version of the rules, click here:

  1. Spamming
    Flooding the chat through multiple messages or one long message
    is not allowed. Includes “copypasta” or rumor messages.

  2. Bullying or Harassment
    Insulting users in the Server or telling people to “kill yourself” is not
    allowed, joke or not. We do not tolerate harassment.

  3. NSFW Content
    Posting suggestive text, images, links, or anything you wouldn’t
    show to your boss is not tolerated here.

  4. Advertising
    Advertising is only allowed if you are promoting StyLiS titles.
    Do not spam advertise or be obnoxious about it.

  5. Hate Speech / Symbols
    Swastikas, racial/homophobic slurs, or other potentially offensive
    images or words are not tolerated in the Server.

  6. Scams
    Posting scams, IP grabbers, or other malicious link may get you
    immediately banned. Unknown links are automatically deleted.

  7. Politics or Religion
    Discussing these tend to lead to arguments. It is best you avoid
    these topics.

  8. Excessive Swearing
    There’s no need to swear excessively, it’s immature.

  9. Raiding
    Any raiders or suspected raiders will be immediately banned, and possibly IP banned.

  10. Trolling or Obnoxious Behavior
    It’s easy to tell if you’re trolling, don’t “play dumb” or be annoying.
    This includes being loud in voice channels.

  11. Language
    StyLiS Studios is primarily an English-speaking Server, and we lack
    moderators that speak other languages. Use English only.

  12. Excessive Mentions
    Excessively mentioning users or moderators may warrant a mute.
    It’s annoying, we don’t need to be notified multiple times.

  13. Staff Mentions
    If staff needs to be notified (raid, spammer, etc.) you can flag the post, or ping a staff member.

  14. Category Usage
    Always use the correct categories; if you’re confused about a category,
    read the topic or description of the category.

  15. External Drama
    Do not bring drama from other servers into the Server. We do not
    tolerate it.

  16. Impersonation
    Anybody caught purposely impersonating another user or moderator
    will be immediately banned.

  17. Spoilers
    Any spoilers of movies, TV shows, or any other media are prohibited
    until after 2 weeks of it’s premiere. You will be muted on first occurrence,
    even if it’s using Discord’s spoiler function.

  18. Tragedies
    Tragedies involving death should not be joked about, including memes.
    Keep peers in mind while discussing about sensitive topics like these.

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